Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We've Been Boo-ed!

Three days ago while we were having our dinner, we heard a knock on our front door. Hubby checked and slowly opened the door. There was nobody outside but he saw a black bowl outside the door full of goodies.
Hubby brought it in and there was this message on top of it with a picture saying "You Have Been Boo-ed"!

Maybe one family in the neighborhood was also booed and continued the game. Accordingly, when you received this, you also pick another two of your neighbors and do the same. Prepare a little something for the kids and print out the Halloween poem and sign to deliver to your neighbor prospect. It is really a fun game that the kids enjoyed giving out treats to neighbor friends secretly.  Have you been boo-ed on Halloween too?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ultimate Senior Care Resource

Taking care of our seniors or elderly is really not easy. Aside from the emotional, physical exhaustion that we are facing, we can also face financial weariness. I said this because we need different supplies for them aside from the medical aspects. Health and personal care products are very essential in order to give them the best care possible. 

This is why I am thankful that parent giving store is available as a one-stop for all our elderly and seniors needs. You can shop online for all the products that you will be needing. Personal care like depends for men, women, bath supplies and safety, skin care, mobility and diabetic supplies and many others. No more going out to the store to get these stuffs. If you need anything for the care of the seniors, this website is the one to go and you can check it out at the comfort of your home.

But, not only you can find medical, health and care products at parent giving store, but also advices from different experts on how to take care of our seniors properly. Their panel of experts of medical professionals have answers for any geriatric questions you have. From top medical issues, mobility, personal and mental issues, they sure have answers for those frequently asked questions.

I know that as we care for our elderly we also have to be prepared, so it is really advisable to have an open mind to it and the willingness to care. The more we know about our seniors' needs and their issues, the better we can give to them our ultimate care with the help of parent giving store.

Severe Weather Disturbance

As we all know that in the other side of the country, the eastern seaboard, is now on weather alert as hurricane Sandy will be hitting on land. Accordingly the most will be hit are those in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and others. I hope that those in Sandy's path will be prepared. 

Speaking of preparedness during weather disturbances and other calamities, what are your ways of being prepared? Every household should have an emergency kit that is stored in one safe container just in case of evacuation being imposed. All necessary documents must be sealed in a water proof or even fireproof case. When on stand by, make sure all electronics are charged and with extra batteries to be used. It is also good to have a portable radio with battery to listen to any updates in case there is power outages. Food, water, medicines, and other necessities must be stocked and readied too. And I think for me,  most of all, when evacuation is being ordered everyone should follow as it will be for the safety of everyone. 

I often heard stories about being in danger because of not following orders when told to evacuate. I know some would be hesitant to leave the house and properties, but it is life that should come first. Material things can be replaced but not the life if this is taken. 

I really pray that with this severe weather to be expected in the east coast, all those that will be affected are ready and prepared. Life will be spared and no great damage will take place. Let us all PRAY for the safety of all our brothers and sisters in this time of calamity!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Little Girls' Fashion

One of the things I enjoyed as a Mom is seeing our little ones trying out their best to dress up their selves. When we're at home, both our girls will be playing in their toy room, watch tv, coloring or reading, and playing dress-up. Little girls love to play dress-up. This is why I separated their dress-up clothes and hanged it in their toy room's closet so they won't be rummaging their closets.

This picture below is an example of how our little one just love to dress up at home. She's playing with her big sissy and often they'll tell me they're having a fashion show. I just let them be. Playing pretend is a good way to develop their imagination. They can surely come up with different styles and I just can't stop but laugh and get amused by them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Island Cruise to Galapagos

I first heard about the Galapagos island when I was in college studying my bachelor's degree in Biology/Zoology. Our topic then was about the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin. The Galapagos was where the endemic species came from, during his voyage of the Beagle, that he collected, observed, and studied that led to the inception of this theory that centered on the natural selection. The theory simply put as the survival of the fittest. Those that can withstand and adapt with the environment is likely to survive and reproduce. It is very simple to understand but until now is being debated, especially in the religious sector.

Anyways, since then, I am very intrigued and I thought to myself that if given a chance, I will really do a Galapagos Cruise. Who would not want to go to this place where I heard there are natural habitats for different species are present? When I checked online, there are many Galapagos Cruises nowadays to choose from. This island is located in eastern Pacific Ocean and off the west coast of Sout America. 

The natural paradise with lots of different animal species or flora and fauna to see is what I am so interested about this island. Galapagos Cruise Ship are carrying thousands of tourists and excursionists to this island and hopefully I will be one of them. It will be very wonderful to experience the island in person than just reading about it in my textbooks and or the internet.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Fairy Hobmother Visited Me!

My fascination about fairies started when I was young. But it was heightened when I read about Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and watched the stage play when I was in college. The role of the fairies in this story fascinates me as it's very interesting. 

Anyways, there is one very interesting fairy that is going around here in the blogsphere. He is no other than the Fairy Hobmother, who continually shower pixie dusts and granting wishes to come true. His fairy overlords really is spreading all throughout. He finally came to visit me and I am so ecstatic! I am so amazed and also glad as he is still checking out bloggers and sites that he finds worthy for the works they've put into doing what they love the most.

So for those who believe that wishes do come true, leave a short note in the comment area with your name, site and email as the Fairy Hobmother promises to check up on you. You can also follow him on Twitter to make sure you are still in contact with. I am pretty sure he will be knocking at your door soon with a good news to tell.

Cooking Dried Fish Inside the House

Arghh...I love dried fish but man oh man...the house really stinks after cooking it. I usually cook it outside on our grill's side burner. But since it's raining or shall I say just showering after 81 days of no rain, I can't cook outside. We don't have a covered porch. I ended up cooking the jeproks dried fish inside. It's our viand along with the pork adobo for lunch this afternoon when my friends came by for a visit. 

I know my husband will complain of the smell when he gets home if I don't do something about it. He don't mind me cooking it but I myself can't stand the smell. So I opened the kitchen windows and back sliding door and have the vent on high. After frying the dried fish, I placed the hot pan outside, wiped the stove overhead vent with soapy sponge, cleaned the stove top, and sprayed the whole house with glade fresh linen scent. I left for door and window opened for hours and so far it worked. 

I did not light any candles as there were kids playing and once they see candles they'll be all over it and I don't want any accidents. I was thinking of boiling a lemon or lime and just let it sit on the stove but I don't have lime. Good thing though that when hubby came home, he did not even have a hint that I cook dried fish if I didn't told him. So I guess the trick of cleaning the stove top and vent and spraying a room scent helped eliminate the odor. 

Do you have any idea of eliminating the smell of dried fish after cooking? Care to share to tips so I can also share it to my friends here who loves to eat dried fish :-)

Little Drummer Girl

I was browsing through my pictures that was tagged to me by some friends, and this picture here really bring back memories. This was taken when I was in high school, I believe I was in first year in here. I joined the school band and bugle corps as a drummer. It was really a great experience as we were able to compete to different places in our region. Every time there were events in town, our school band was also invited to join either in a parade or exhibition.

I was a drummer until I was in junior high. In my senior year I joined the CAT under the Medics platoon. We're always on the sideline every time there was pass in review or during trainings and formations. But I really missed playing the drums. After I finished with the band, I sold my snare drum for a much cheaper price to a lower year. I was thinking of giving it to my sister, but she did not join as a drummer but instead a musser glockenspiel player, or we call it xylophone on lyre.

Now that I will not be playing those again, I am thinking of letting our girls play in a school band when they grow a little bit older. Her school right now is only accepting band players in 5th grade. So she still has a long way to join. I am looking at violin for her to play or maybe learn the piano when she'll have the chance.

Working with Cars

I mentioned in my other blog that my husband love to work with machines. Yeah, especially fixing cars. He always encourages me to help out with him every time he does something to our vehicles, may it be changing the oil, changing tires, and even when he worked on the engine of my Ford Focus. I told him I may not be a good mechanic as I am not that strong of a person compared to him. I cannot grip tools to hold anything strongly. He said it doesn't matter as there are grippers that can be used. Also, if you know the proper technique of taking out bolts and nuts, you will be okay. 

I would say it is easier than done. If you don't have the passion of doing something you would not even want to try. But for me I love to help him out. If I am free and he is tinkering the vehicles, I will lend him a hand. Before, I told myself how cool it would be if I know how to fix or at least know how to change tires. I see a lot of women who can do this job, and if I want to learn I will be able to do so too. For now I will just be contented of helping him out. I think when the situation calls for me to change tire of a small vehicle I may be able as long as I have all the proper equipment and of course a spare tire to use.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Costume Ideas

Now that it's about that time of the year to trick or treat I am looking for costumes for our girls. The above pictures were taken during the past years' Halloween. They have princess costumes that they can wear, but I want something that will keep them warm as I know it will be very cold that time. Our DD1 said she will wear again the Snow White costume. I may wear it again but I will just get a thermal clothing that she can wear underneath it.

For our little girl maybe a fluffy one again that will bundle her up. She will still be in the stroller while we go around our neighborhood. This time we will only do trick or treating in the neighborhood. Even now there are houses already decorated with Halloween stuffs. My husband don't like to decorate during Halloween, but he will still give out candies to kids that knocks. Last year he just opened our garage and turned off the lights. He opened the car trunk and sat there, waiting for kids to pass by and handed out some treats. He may do the same this year while me and the kids go around trick or treating.

Our Weather Forecast

We haven't had rain for more than 2 months now here in our neck of the woods. The wild fire in another county that started on September 8 was just recently contained, thank goodness. The fortunate thing was that no lives were lost and I know there were  properties damaged but those are material things that can be replaced. 

When fall season started, we also have very cold early mornings, and then the temperature goes up to 70s by afternoon. But this will change in the coming days as there will be more rains coming. Yay to that! Accordingly, tomorrow the forecast is from rain to shower and in the high 50's temperature. The rain forecast will be everyday until middle of next week. So now we are going to expect gloomy and cold days ahead. 

It's funny that when it is hot and sunny for many days, people will ask for rain. Now we will be given more rainy days and I am pretty sure a lot will complain of the soggy weather and cannot wait for it to be over :-) It's nature and we really can't do anything about it. So, how's your weather gonna be in the coming days in your neck of the woods? As much as I don't like the cold and wet days, but the rain is really a welcome treat so we can stop watering our yard and plants.

Plantar Fasciitis

Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis? I have a friend that endures this illness for quite sometime now. I was intrigued what this illness all about and according to medical encyclopedia, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia or the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This can occur when this thick tissue is overused or overstretched. Usually, those that have risk factors in having this illness are those that have foot arch problems (flat-footed or high arches), sudden gain weight or obesity, if you are running in an uneven surface, like downhill, and also if you are wearing shoes with poor arch support. 

When I learned about its causes, I check here for plantar faciitis treatment. My friend was given a foot splint to wear every night to stretch the injured fascia and allow to heal. My husband loves running and sometimes he complained of having sore feet especially on its sole. He is flat-footed and he is more at risk of plantar fasciitis. I may have to check a splint for him too so he can wear it at night. Accordingly, the best prevention is to make sure that calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and ankle are best supported and flexible.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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