Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election is Over, Now What?

At long last the election 2012 here in the US is over. What can I do but to congratulate the President for being the victor of this election and going forward on his second term. I also congratulate and commend Mr. Romney for being humble in conceding and still is positive about America.

I am not into politics, but I have my ideals and principles and I follow on what I believe in. All of us have different opinions on anything, but what I don't like is that if you are passionate with what you believe in, you don't have to force your idea and opinion to other people in a manner that you are bashing the other person who differ opinion with you. Some even name calling people who support or voted for the candidate other than theirs. And why you ask what is wrong with people who voted for the candidate that they trusted and believe in? It is the same as why you voted for your candidate too. We have the freedom to choose and this is a democratic country. RESPECT, people!

I just shake my head on all the commotion going on in social media as to the reaction to this election. If you want change, start change from within. If you just keep mouthing your concerns, whining and hating, you will surely not see the light :-) 

The best thing to do now is to work together for the good of the people. All of us wants change. All of us wants progress. The people in the government, both parties, should get their act straight and start working together. No progress can be attained if we only rely to those who are elected. We are the government too so we have to act also to move our country forward!

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