Monday, November 12, 2012

What's on Your Pets Food Label?

As a pet owner, it is important that you recognise that not all pet food is the same. Some promise a healthy treat but in fact might not deliver those claims, whilst others are actually healthy. The AAFCO, fortunately, look out for those that abuse or misuse words and terms on pet food product labels.  Ensuring that your dog is eating a healthy diet, such as Purina DRM, is also important.

Below are some tips on ensuring that your pet eats only what he deserves. They are a part of your family and should be shown some consideration when possible, with regards to their health and quality of life.
You should read and then read again, any labels found on pet food products. However, simply reading them is not enough. You need to be educated into knowing exactly what they mean. If a product label should say chicken cat-food, it means that there is 95 per cent of chicken in the tin. If it says cat food with chicken, however, it means that there is only three per cent chicken. There are other variations of this too such as saying that there is a flavour of chicken or that it contains no chicken, in which case it has just the taste and flavour of chicken. The Purina JM diet will ensure that he is getting sufficient quality in his meals.

Try to read every ingredient on the product label. Manufacturers have to list every single ingredient but it should not be just a list. Each ingredient's specific weight or percentage must also be noted, with the main ingredient typically being listed first.

Try to not buy pet foods that indicate the main meat ingredient as a generic or umbrella term e.g. ‘meat’; the best pet food should have a certain kind of meat which should be listed and described on the label. Further, meats that typically contain animal tendons, organs, and bones are often the surplus from a slaughterhouse. You should avoid these kinds of meats as they are no more than by-products, the bits left over which have been rejected from use in the original manufacturing process and are typically extremely processed. This isn’t common knowledge.

By providing your pet with healthy foods like the Purina CN diet, you will already know that what you’re feeding them is free from sinister additives and other nasties.

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Diaper Days said...

Owning a pet is a big responsibilities because you need to treat time like a human, from food to their home you always need to check if everything is the way they want it.

I always wanted to own a pet but since Camilla is here, we second thought about it. Anyway thanks for the good tips I guess many pet lovers will love this post of yours.. :)

jheylo said...

we don't have any pets because we are not allowed to have one in our apartment. But i know taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility, owner basically treats them as part and members of the family.

marie said...

We used to have pets but since i moved to apt. i couldn't taking care for and also it's a big responsibility because you have to treat also like a family beside of that my kid is allergy.

Mel Cole said...

i wish i could have a pet dog as a pet someday. maybe when the kids get older. thanks for the tips on what kind of pet food to consider.

gracia said...

We have 2 puppies and we spend much on their food and treats, plus their regular salon sessions and's not easy to have takes a lot of responsibility

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of my late mother in law's great dane dog which already old (maybe about 10 years old) and yet still can able to walk until they put him to sleep. Eating healthy food can really bring the dog's age to its extent. And yes she feds her Purina!

If we have a dog maybe will but the same product.

Nancy said...

As much as I want to, I don't have enough space to house even a single dog for a pet. Would have been awesome to have a pet to go home to.

emzkie said...

that is true. hubby and i always stick to what we usually get. our kitties just love the Purina, not the diet ones. =)

Gagay said...

I'm using nursing food for my pet dog now since she just recently gave birth to a really cute puppy :)

And yes! those mentioned tips are helpful esp to pet lovers.. :)

emzkie said...

thanks for this info mommy Bless!
we dont have a dog yet, but i will keep this in mind just in case

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