Monday, December 31, 2012

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tree Climbing is Fun

When I was young one of the things I enjoyed was tree climbing, picking fruits. I don't know why but it seems like we were not scared of climbing and some of my friends can even climb coconut trees with nothing, just gliding to the top stepping on to the cut sides of the tree. I know my kids cannot experience those kinds of activity as there are no fruit trees near us. And here I noticed, especially those professionals that cut trees, they use arboricultural products and gears. Only those who are prepared and really have all the gears are allowed to cut trees that are very high. It is important for safety. I saw these gears at SherrilTree online.

This is why when my husband thought of putting up Christmas lights, I told him he don't have the necessary safety gears to climb to our roof and hang the lights. Although we do have a ladder but I still am not comfortable of him climbing up that high. I guess next time I need to look into climbing gears to prepare for the next Christmas in hanging our lights up from our roof. It would be fun to just climb but we have to ensure safety first.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delhi Monitors Compliance to Blanket Ban on Polybags

In a move to go green and reduce the amount of plastic wastes in the city the Delhi government approved a new blanket ban on the use, manufacture and sale of Polybags in November 2012 as written in the Environment Protection Act 1986. According to the law, violations would result to up to 5 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to one lakh rupee. The blanket ban was initially focused on plastic Polybags while focus on plastic packaging and plastic materials would be done later.

This decision to impose a blanket ban on the use of Polybags was undertaken at the Cabinet meeting presided over by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. This ban came a day after the government decided to ban gutkha products in Delhi. The ban not only covered Polybags it also covers the use of plastic pouches used to wrap magazines cards and other materials.

A previous ban on the use of plastics was enforced by the Delhi local government back in 2009 which was imposed upon shop owners and malls around the city. However this ban did not produce the desired result. With this new initiative the Delhi government is strengthening its resolve to reduce the manufacture and sale as well as use of plastic in order to reduce plastic wastes which are often seen littering Delhi's streets and clogging its waterways.

Significance of the Ban
With the blanket ban no person in Delhi will be allowed to use carry Polybags made of recycled or compostable plastic and no sellers and shopkeepers will be allowed to sell store or use plastic bags. No person is also allowed to use plastic wrapping for books or magazines and greeting cards.

Monitoring Efforts
On December 9, 2012 the Delhi government launched a campaign to check on the city's conformity to the blanket ban on plastic bags. This was done by 25 teams from the Delhi Environmental Department who checked shopping malls markets and shops and even 5-star hotels in Delhi for their compliance to the blanket ban. The initial check revealed that 100 shops violated the ban and they will therefore face the legal consequences of fine or imprisonment or both.

Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

As we all know that Friday, December 14, was one of the saddest day here in America because of the tragedy or atrocity that happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. My heart breaks hearing the news of 20 little kids, ages 6 and 7, and 6 school staffs were slain by a really senseless act. I cannot grasp the idea of why there are people that can do such a thing. As the news and events unfold, you hear different stories of heroism and courage on the school staffs and children that survived that can really make your heart swell with emotion.

I am a mother of a Kindergartner, age 5, and I look at her every day and just get emotional thinking of those innocent lives that are now gone. They have full life ahead of them but were cut short. I know they are now in the Lord's haven and they will be free of any pain. I just pray that their families they left behind will find comfort knowing that they're angels and is now in a safe place.

As a mother, I also have questions every time I dropped off my kid in school if she is safe. I am not showing it to our daughter though. It is just something we can't help to feel because as they go in the outside world with their first step, we know that they will be facing different things. It is part of their life while growing up.

Now we ask,  is there a way to prevent such incident to happen again? There is really no guarantee. We should all act together and find a solution to this. As what the President had said, we can all do better and stop this from becoming a routine. The legislators should look into measures not just enforcing gun control that is appropriate for this generation and also look into the mental health issues of this country. Politics should be set aside to come up with a better solution for the good of the people. It is my fervent prayer as a mother that our kids will be safe wherever they will go.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Home Accents and Decorating Sense

When it comes to accessorizing the house, lamp is always present. You can find different types and designs of lamps. There are modern with sleek designs as well as those traditional Victorian designs. There are table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and hanging lamps. But another thing that is good to decorate are candles. There are candle holders in different shapes and forms too. 

Lamps and candles are really great home accents. My husband is not that fond of candles as he is very cautious it may cause fire in the house. I told him about himalayan candles and those himalayan salt crystal lamps that I am so curious about. He said he may try to look at it if it is safe, then we can get those type of candle holder. 

Until now we are still trying to figure out different home accents that will fit in our place. It is a work in progress that I know will take a long time to be done as we tend to change our minds a lot. Decorating for us is by trial and error also as we are not gifted with decorating talent. I know in time what we started now will come together and we can clearly see what decorating sense to come up.

Freebies from Giveaways

This year I am so thankful for every opportunities that I came across online. I haven't really thought of doing reviews by sending pitch letters to different companies until some friends that I met while blogging showed how to do it. The thought of it to be hard is what really prevented me from doing. But until I did a first pitch and was successful that I became to like doing it again. 

When you want to do a review, you also have to become responsible and do your part in a timely manner. I know for a fact that when you receive a lot of products then it will be hard to start doing the review. You feel lazy and I felt that too. If ever that's the case, you can stop sending pitch letters until all your tasks are done. That is what I did. Right now I stopped sending pitch letters and will resume when I am not that busy anymore. 

Another way or receiving wonderful freebies is from giveaways. I've been lucky with some of the giveaways hosted by different bloggers and was able to win cool prices. The above pictures were few of my winnings and also a reward for doing a sale shoutout. I won some paypal cash too or some amazon gift codes. It is really fun to enter giveaways and promoting it as there will be a chance to win. You can also come across different blogs that are interesting while entering giveaways.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Renting Books for a Good Cause

Going to college is expensive. Not only you spend much on tuition but the books also have it's big share of high cost to students. And you cannot go to school without also getting the required textbooks for your courses. When I went back to school and took up Medical Coding and Billing, I bought all my books that cost me much money. Until now I still have my texts. Since I am thinking of having a refresher class for medical coding and take the ICD-10-CM class. I know buying this book will be expensive. Good thing now you can rent  books online thru CampusBookRental.

I did not know this back then. I could have rented all my texts from them and don't have a hard time disposing it. But it is not too late as I know where to go in case I need more books. For all those that are in school or will enroll this winter, check CampusBookRental. You can really save from 40% to 0% off of bookstore prices. They offer free shipping of the books you want to rent both ways. They also have a flexible renting periods. Renting books is way more cheaper and very affordable.

With renting books from CampusBookRental, you can also help in a big way. They have a program wherein they donate a portion to Operation Smile for every book rented. Operation Smile is really a great cause as it can make a difference to someone else's life who have cleft lip/palate. This is a great cause indeed.

So if you want to lessen your book expenses in your next classes, check CampusBookRental now. You can also check out this video below to learn more about them and how it works.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back Ground Check

Applying for work is not really that easy. There are processes that you have to go through aside from the submission of application, interview, drug test, and so forth. Employers also ask for a back ground check to all the prospect employees. Even when you go for a volunteer, especially if you are dealing with kids in school or day care as well as volunteering in a care home, a back ground check is also needed. 

In my daughter's school I wanted to volunteer but I haven't had the chance yet since I always forget to submit the documents for a back ground check. You cannot just tell them you want to come in the classroom to volunteer. This back ground check will let the employers know if you have any criminal liabilities or any other issues that may in the future becomes a problem when you will be working.

As to working with kids in school or day care, a back ground check is a must. There are so many crooks now a days that are prying to kids and as a Mom I am so agreeable with this back ground check process to ensure safety to our kids as a whole. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Collage It Pro Review and Giveaway

As Thanksgiving had past and now Christmas is here again. I am pretty sure we will have a lot of pictures or captures that we need to preserve. These memories will served as our remembrance of the fun times we had with our families and friends. What best way to preserve it is to make a collage of the wonderful captures we had during this time in our lives. 

One apps or software that is very easy to use and automatic in helping you create an ordinary photo into a beautiful collage is Collage It. I learned that Collage It is a top 10 Photography App on App store and I even use it in my iPhone. This really reduces the manual work of making a collage. Among it's features are: they have the random layout that you can just choose and customize. It has different kinds of layout and diverse templates. Easy to personalize with cropping, adjustable photo number, space, and page margin rotation, sparse and many others. 

As you make your collage, you can also decorate it with photo border or shadow. You can save this collage in image file, make it as your wallpaper, share to your loved ones and friends by sending it thru email, and even print it out instantly. You can check out Collage It online. This is free for personal use either on Mac OS X  or Windows. 

I am privileged to work with this company and they are very generous as they also asked me to do a giveaway to my readers. They are giving out 20 licenses to download their Collage It Pro. With this giveaway, I will be choosing 10 wonderful readers that uses Windows and another 10 that uses Mac. Very easy to enter, just fill the Rafflecopter below! 

Check them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter too for more info about this product and updates of other products as well.

This giveaway is open worldwide. A license code will be sent to the winners through email.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Choosing a Lamp as a Gift

A table or floor lamp can make a great gift, particularly as a wedding present. At Geoffrey Harris of London there's something perfect for even the choosiest person you know. A lamp is a stylish and different way of giving something which will stand the test of time, as well as show that you cared enough to go for the very best.

Young married couples, or older married couples for that matter, will appreciate something that really stands out. When you're starting out in married life, it's often difficult to afford everything that you'd ultimately like to own. Great lighting can make any room look a million dollars, and the Flos Tab F1 is a modern and sleek lamp by a top European designer, that won’t cost a million dollars. It is certain to impress. If you really want to splash out, or perhaps want to get together as a group with friends to buy a truly impressive piece, maybe consider the Bestlite range. This classic range is universally loved and will look as good in ten years as it does now.

A desk lamp makes a great gift for a student. If your offspring have moved into student digs, you'll want them to have the right light for study. Geoffrey Harris is based in Battersea, London, the capital of chic, and stocks everything from Anglepoise to a great range of clip on lights that offer directional lighting. Mother's Day is a great excuse to indulge your mum in a classic like the Hercules table lamp. A beautiful piece, it's easy to see what makes it so popular. Alternatively, the newest addition to the Geoffrey Harris range of modern contemporary lighting, the Tatou by Flos, is a fabulous way to splash out on someone you love.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: 60 Christmas Printable Games, Activities and Crafts

Christmas break is coming. For those that are going to visit family members for reunion or friends gathering together during this holiday season, have you thought of games or activities to do while huddled in the living room waiting for that sumptuous lunch or dinner prepared by the hosts?  I have a wonderful news to share to make everybody happy and occupied. You can do some games, activities or crafts using the Python printable games! 

If this sounds so new to you, you can check out Python Printable Games. They have different printable games for different occasions to choose from. Right now, they have a 60 Christmas printable games for $19.95 that can be very useful and handy in gatherings this holiday season. For the price, each game only costs 33 cents. Their games caters for all ages and mixed groups. When you purchase the games, you will receive a link and you can download the games in PDF format. The games will then be yours with no restrictions or time limits. You can keep it forever then reuse it on any other occasions. 

I have the chance to receive for free the Christmas Party Games Pack that consisted of 60 different printable games, activities, and crafts. Now, I will not run out of ideas for activities that we can do with my family during this Christmas break. My girls already enjoyed the printable coloring pages. Below are some of the games included in the packet.

Printable Letter From Santa; Printable Thank-You Notes; Reindeer Games Right-Left; Reindeer Trivia For Kids; Santa Claus Movie Match; Santa Claus Spot the Difference; Santa Trivia For Kids Match; Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt; Shop-A-Thon Christian Gift Exchange; Snow Trivia; Spin The Bottle Game for Teenagers; Super Stars Movie Trivia. 

If you like to get this Christmas Games Pack or other printable games, you can check out their site with FREE printable downloads. I am pretty sure these games will really come in handy and everybody can enjoy. You can also check and like Python Printable Games on facebook for more information and updates as well as follow them on twitter @printable_games. Once you subscribe to them, you will be able to receive their recent updates, coupons, and freebies.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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