Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Choosing a Lamp as a Gift

A table or floor lamp can make a great gift, particularly as a wedding present. At Geoffrey Harris of London there's something perfect for even the choosiest person you know. A lamp is a stylish and different way of giving something which will stand the test of time, as well as show that you cared enough to go for the very best.

Young married couples, or older married couples for that matter, will appreciate something that really stands out. When you're starting out in married life, it's often difficult to afford everything that you'd ultimately like to own. Great lighting can make any room look a million dollars, and the Flos Tab F1 is a modern and sleek lamp by a top European designer, that won’t cost a million dollars. It is certain to impress. If you really want to splash out, or perhaps want to get together as a group with friends to buy a truly impressive piece, maybe consider the Bestlite range. This classic range is universally loved and will look as good in ten years as it does now.

A desk lamp makes a great gift for a student. If your offspring have moved into student digs, you'll want them to have the right light for study. Geoffrey Harris is based in Battersea, London, the capital of chic, and stocks everything from Anglepoise to a great range of clip on lights that offer directional lighting. Mother's Day is a great excuse to indulge your mum in a classic like the Hercules table lamp. A beautiful piece, it's easy to see what makes it so popular. Alternatively, the newest addition to the Geoffrey Harris range of modern contemporary lighting, the Tatou by Flos, is a fabulous way to splash out on someone you love.

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jheylo said...

this kind of floor lamp is definitely i need. My floor lamp that lights up my computer desk is ruined because my daughter broke the head glass of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this tip! I thought of what to get for a wedding gift we were going to on dec 31 so, this might be a good idea!

Rcel said...

i have bought and given a desk lamp and a floor lamp in the past and all the recipients absolutely loved it! it is a perfect choice! :)

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