Saturday, December 8, 2012

Freebies from Giveaways

This year I am so thankful for every opportunities that I came across online. I haven't really thought of doing reviews by sending pitch letters to different companies until some friends that I met while blogging showed how to do it. The thought of it to be hard is what really prevented me from doing. But until I did a first pitch and was successful that I became to like doing it again. 

When you want to do a review, you also have to become responsible and do your part in a timely manner. I know for a fact that when you receive a lot of products then it will be hard to start doing the review. You feel lazy and I felt that too. If ever that's the case, you can stop sending pitch letters until all your tasks are done. That is what I did. Right now I stopped sending pitch letters and will resume when I am not that busy anymore. 

Another way or receiving wonderful freebies is from giveaways. I've been lucky with some of the giveaways hosted by different bloggers and was able to win cool prices. The above pictures were few of my winnings and also a reward for doing a sale shoutout. I won some paypal cash too or some amazon gift codes. It is really fun to enter giveaways and promoting it as there will be a chance to win. You can also come across different blogs that are interesting while entering giveaways.

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