Saturday, December 8, 2012

Home Accents and Decorating Sense

When it comes to accessorizing the house, lamp is always present. You can find different types and designs of lamps. There are modern with sleek designs as well as those traditional Victorian designs. There are table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and hanging lamps. But another thing that is good to decorate are candles. There are candle holders in different shapes and forms too. 

Lamps and candles are really great home accents. My husband is not that fond of candles as he is very cautious it may cause fire in the house. I told him about himalayan candles and those himalayan salt crystal lamps that I am so curious about. He said he may try to look at it if it is safe, then we can get those type of candle holder. 

Until now we are still trying to figure out different home accents that will fit in our place. It is a work in progress that I know will take a long time to be done as we tend to change our minds a lot. Decorating for us is by trial and error also as we are not gifted with decorating talent. I know in time what we started now will come together and we can clearly see what decorating sense to come up.

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jheylo said...

i think himalayan decorations or candles are nice piece for our home decor. I would love to have that one too because it looks romantic

Anonymous said...

I love himalayan candles they're classy and very nice decor for any types of homes.

Gven-Rose said...

i agree candles add the beauty of our home..

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