Friday, December 7, 2012

Renting Books for a Good Cause

Going to college is expensive. Not only you spend much on tuition but the books also have it's big share of high cost to students. And you cannot go to school without also getting the required textbooks for your courses. When I went back to school and took up Medical Coding and Billing, I bought all my books that cost me much money. Until now I still have my texts. Since I am thinking of having a refresher class for medical coding and take the ICD-10-CM class. I know buying this book will be expensive. Good thing now you can rent  books online thru CampusBookRental.

I did not know this back then. I could have rented all my texts from them and don't have a hard time disposing it. But it is not too late as I know where to go in case I need more books. For all those that are in school or will enroll this winter, check CampusBookRental. You can really save from 40% to 0% off of bookstore prices. They offer free shipping of the books you want to rent both ways. They also have a flexible renting periods. Renting books is way more cheaper and very affordable.

With renting books from CampusBookRental, you can also help in a big way. They have a program wherein they donate a portion to Operation Smile for every book rented. Operation Smile is really a great cause as it can make a difference to someone else's life who have cleft lip/palate. This is a great cause indeed.

So if you want to lessen your book expenses in your next classes, check CampusBookRental now. You can also check out this video below to learn more about them and how it works.

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jheylo said...

I haven't experienced renting a book here that requires me to pay for a certain fees, i did borrowed some children books and dvd movies at the libraries though but i didn't pay for anything. However campusbookrental offers great service especially to those in school

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