Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jewelry: a gem of a Christmas gift

Tis the season to be twinkly and for the party season you can never have too many accessories. The perfect Christmas gift, jewelry is both practical and beautiful. It’s light and small, so easy to package and mail almost anywhere in the world. It ranges in price from super-affordable to turbo-luxe, or even free if have a go at making it yourself. There are so many fun ways to bring a little sparkle into a loved one’s life this festive season, so here are a few ideas to get you started… 

Online boutiques: for the trend-setters 
For the friend who flicks through trends faster than she can riffle through Vogue with her perfectly filed nails, cheap, pretty, boutique trinkets are best. Whether the fashion is urban safari or gothic glamour, you’ll be able to keep pace with her chameleonic style by seeking out low-cost costume jewelry from online boutiques. Even the supermarkets have started doing a good standard range of everything from kid’s bracelets to sterling silver earrings, so you can please everyone in the family as well! 

Do it yourself: for creative sorts 
Getting into the Christmas spirit is all about how much you’re willing to participate. Highstreet craft stores have picked up on this and have begun stocking lines of beads, wire and tools, but really, you can find everything you need to get started online: between online component stockists and hours of YouTube tutelage, you’ll be an artisan jeweller in no time. 

Etsy: for one of a kind friends 
If you’re shopping for someone a little quirky, the last thing you’ll want them to discover is somebody else wearing their jewelry. This is where Etsy comes in. With its lovingly handmade and curated vintage pieces, you’ll find that unusual hairpin, brooch or anklet as unique as the person you’re giving it to. 

Jewelry really does make a fantastic gift, especially when you find so many styles from around the world online these days. Whether your loved ones are into Native American fashion,Hollywood glitz or the latest trends from London, they’ll be a piece of jewelry waiting out there for them!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Season of Giving

Gift-giving is a great way to express appreciation, show love, and even buy affection. Giving someone a gift is supposed to be a selfless act; a way to please someone without expecting anything in return. A good gift is something that the recipient will enjoy using. Fragrant candles, cozy sweaters, electronic gadgets, and toys all make wonderful gifts, but at the end of the day they are all just things. They are items that will fill a drawer or perch on a shelf. 

Isn't there something more meaningful that one can give? Of course there is nothing wrong with giving a simple gift, but there is so much more that one can do. There is a vast need for many types of social and economic help on a local, national, and global level. 

Sometimes knowing there is such an enormous need can be too overwhelming, and one doesn't know where to begin. Thousands upon thousands of well-deserving and reputable charities exist which can make it hard to decide which one to support. Some people choose to support causes that have had a direct impact on their life such as cancer research or education enrichment. Others like to support causes that have a wide-spread impact such as supplying fresh water to third world communities. 

Giving financial support is just one way to support a worthy cause. Others who are not fortunate enough to have the means to donate large sums of money find much satisfaction in donating their time. There are dozens of way to spend time giving, especially on a local level. Volunteering at the hospital, in a homeless shelter, or in a nursing home are all worthy ways to spread kindness to the less fortunate. 

Other ways to give time is to work on a campaign, raise awareness for a charity, or organize a fundraiser. Spending time on an important project that benefits the greater good is quite fulfilling and can bring a person much satisfaction. Knowing that time was well spent on a selfless act does something special for the soul. 

Another way one can be charitable is to buy products or support businesses that give a portion of their proceeds to community projects or charities. More and more companies are realizing that they have a social and economic obligation to support worthy causes. By becoming a patron of these companies, one can be confident that their purchase will not only be meeting their personal needs, but that it will be paid forward in a kindness that goes beyond just buying something.

An example of a charitable company that gives back to the community is Rosicki Rosicki and Associates NY. Their website outlines the various worthy causes they support financially as well as through other means such as spreading awareness. Many companies like this have made great contributions and do wonderful things to give back to the communities that support them. 

Being charitable goes beyond sending a check in the mail. It means putting heart, soul, and emotion into a good cause. It means spreading kindness, showing compassion, and taking responsibility to be a good citizen of the world. Anyone can be charitable, and those who are find a great satisfaction in knowing they what they could to be a good person.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Disney On Ice | Family Bonding Time

Finally, we were able to bring the kids to watch Disney on Ice. I have been meaning to let them watch it before but thought our youngest is still too young to remember it. But now that she is already 3 and loves Disney characters a lot, it is a good timing. So when there was an event last month at ShoWare center in Kent, Disney on Ice, Rockin' Ever After, we brought them there. They can't contain their excitement that even driving going there was taking forever for them They kept asking if we are almost to the place.

Once inside the venue, the more they got so excited. When it finally started, they both were enthusiastic naming the characters that they saw. It is indeed a show for the kids. But honestly I was also anticipating it. I haven't experienced it in my childhood. I only had the opportunity to read them in books.

The show features The Little Mermaid, Brave, Beauty and the Beast, and Rapunzel. These Disney heroes really made an impact on kids lives and our girls can't get enough of them. The show is really spectacular and all the performers did a really good job on the ice rink. Now we are looking forward to watch the live show featuring Disney Jr characters on tour. The girls can't wait for this January event. 

Garage Rack | Organizing Rack

What else to give to the husband this Christmas? He already had a craftsman tools storage that I got for him for his birthday and this time I thought since he is still doing some organizing in our garage, a garage wall rack or some kind of a fishing rod rack is a nice gift for him. A wall rack would be appropriate also to hang sports gear, such as skateboards, surf board, his golf clubs and bags, baseball bats, bicycles and other stuff. 

A friend of mine whose husband who loves fishing a lot, this fishing rod rack is a great idea to store all their fishing rods. I may have to recommend it to her as she is still looking for a gift for her husband this Christmas. 

Our Thanksgiving Celebration

It's that time of the year again that we have to celebrate Thanksgiving and thanking the Lord for all the blessings we received and thanking Him as well for our family, relative and friends that surrounds us and supported us in times of happiness and sadness. This year and everyday I am always thankful for everything that comes our way. Thankful for the ups and downs that made us grow stronger everyday as a family. 

Same with the past Thanksgiving day, hubby is the one in-charge in the kitchen. He cooked everything and even had me and kids had breakfast in bed on that day. So thankful to have him and looking out for us all the time. We had our dinner at around 6pm and then I decided to go to Kohl's after 8pm that night as we don't have really any other plans. 

The Kohl's trip really made me dizzy afterwards. There was too many people and the line to the register was long. I only got few stuff for the kids that I wrapped and now under our Christmas tree. It was my first time to be out shopping on a Thanksgiving day and not sure if I am going to do it again next time. We'll see.

Lighting Fixture for Nice Ambiance

One thing that I also like when checking out showrooms for house decorations is the lighting fixture. I do think that lighting really adds character to any rooms. May it be chandelier, table lamps, ceiling lighting, sconces, or floor lamps. This is why many designers also see to it that the lighting fixture of any rooms will compliment the room design to have a cohesive design and style, thus giving an overall nice ambiance of the room. 

I was browsing through different sites and was able to click here for Masiero lighting. Their lighting fixture are really of great quality and on top of the line which I am pretty sure will be used by top designers. Their lighting where made by top glass maker and so intricately designed originated in Italy. 

I won't be able to afford such kind of lighting fixture, but I really love its style and how it is made of. If I have money and renovating our place, this type of lighting fixture is what I would like to have for our place.

Christmas Tree is Up!

We are now in the last month of the year and I wonder where did the days go. It came so fast and the holidays is now here again. Couple of days before Thanksgiving we had our Christmas tree up. It's due to our kids coaxing that we decided to have the tree up. Usually we do it after Thanksgiving. But anyways, this year I chose the silver and blue theme. I was thinking of buying a new artificial tree, a flocked one, but decided to wait after Christmas coz I know it will be on sale for 75% off when the holiday is over. I can use it next Christmas then.

For the decors, we bought ornaments from Big Lots, Walmart, and I have stocked up silver ornaments from last year that I bought from Kohl's. Our girls helped in putting up the ornaments and we had fun decorating it. I still think of buying more blue colored decors when stores have their sales going on. Stocking up on decors for next year is a great way to save money. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unforgettable Prom Night With the Perfect Prom Dress!

Prom night is one of those high school occasions that girls will always forever! This is why most if not all high school girls struggle with their all to make their prom night one of the most beautiful memories they have of their high school. The first step in making this into a reality is to get hold of the perfect promdress that will show off all your best features and make you one of the most envied girls during prom night. 

Start Early
Remember that you cannot just buy prom dresses in one go. You have to start searching for the kind of prom dress that will suit way before your prom night. Check what’s hot from fashion magazines or catch celebrities on the latest red carpet events to give you an idea what’s on trend. 

Plan Your Budget 
Searching early will also spur you to start saving early for you to get the dress that you truly want. Keep in mind that you also have shoes, accessories and make up to think about so proper budgeting is necessary. Check out deals and sales, there are now branded and designer prom dresses that are cheaper and easily affordable. Being fab and gorgeous on prom night is no longer limited to the rich and famous, even with a limited budget you can still maintain a high style quotient that will give that sense of fulfillment. 

Decide on the Style and Color 
After spending hours poring over fashion magazines and websites, you should have a clear picture of that dreamy prom dress you’ll wear. There are colors, style and fabrics that you have to consider so start trying out different styles to see what will suit your best. You can find A-line long gowns for curvy ladies while sheath styles are amazing on slim women. Depending on your personality, you can go for muted tones or go for coral red or midnight blue for attention. 

Shoes and Accessories 
Finally, once you get hold of that perfect prom dress, it is time to find shoes to match it. Strappy silver metallic sandals go well with just about any color, but it will still be up to you to find one that will suit your dress accordingly. When it comes to accessories, avoid wearing too much and settle for one statement piece that will accentuate your overall look such as chandelier earrings or a jeweled bracelet.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Care for a Vintage Gym Bag

A vintage gym bag is probably going to have rather muted colors, but you still need to make sure that they do not run when you wash it. To do this, set the washing machine to use only cold water, rather than warm or hot. The default setting for most washing machines is hot water, so you might have to change this every time that you wash the bag. With cold water, the bag still gets clean, but the colors stay in place. 

Another thing to think about is the bag's durability. It is already a vintage item, so it could be rather old. The more abuse you put it through, the faster it is going to wear out. Run it through the washer and the dryer on a gentle cycle. It is often said that the washing of clothes - or gym bags - does more to wear them out than actually using them. The gentle cycle will keep it in good condition for longer. If you want, you could even hang it out on the line to dry, rather than putting it in the dryer at all. 

Finally, if there is a base in the bottom of the bag, it is probably removable. Make sure that you take it out before you start the cycle. This base could be made out of plastic, which could melt under the high heat, or cardboard, which could dissolve in the water. Put it back in after the bag has dried out.

Halloween Party

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted here. I have online tasks that expired on me because I got so busy and lazy updating this blog. It's my bad and regretful to let those opportunities to pass by. I will really do my best to be diligent and ensure to have those blessings well received or it may not come my way again. 

On another note, since I've been back in the workforce my social life becomes active again. My co-workers have a good way of easing up those pressures at work. During Fridays, after our shift, we sometimes get together and usually happens in a restaurant that opens until midnight or at 2am. We'll grab something to eat and them have some cocktails. I on the other hand do not drink so just be contented with the food and some juice drinks with of course the fun talks. 

This past Friday after work, we ended up having the Halloween costume party and also a birthday celebration of our co-worker and friend. It was fun and honestly it was my first time to attend a costume party here. We had so much fun and we all enjoyed the night that ended up also in a Pho Hoa - Vietnamese restaurant - for some hot soup in a cold early morning after party. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Online MBA Degree

As an academic discipline, business is often considered a "safe" major because of its practical nature. Every industry, organization and government agency relies on effective business principles to succeed and prosper. A solid business education enables people to start their own business or excel in their career of choice. 

For business professionals who want to improve their critical thinking and managerial skills, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a great way to start. A graduate level business degree imparts the solid foundation that working professionals need to advance their careers. An AACSB-accredited program focuses on all the essentials and more. 

AACSB is an acronym that is used to describe the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This non-profit membership organization is committed to the advancement of management education. The AACSB helps its members improve their business schools and degree programs. Accredited programs focus on developing business knowledge in several key areas such as accounting, economics, finance, law, leadership, marketing and information systems.

Many prestigious universities and colleges offer an AACSB online MBA. The Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University is one shining example. An online master’s degree is a convenient way for working professionals to further their business education. It enables students to explore business from a different, global perspective. In fact, the coursework centers on business globalization, competition, technology and ethics.

Those who pursue an online MBA can focus their degree through various elective concentrations. Finance, leadership, marketing and management are the most common specializations. The coursework offers new knowledge and practical skills to help professionals meet the challenges of modern business. 

A specialization in finance involves corporate finance, financial management and investment banking. A leadership specialization allows students to develop their management and entrepreneurial skills. A marketing concentation focuses on marketing strategies and programs. General management lets students choose the direction of their studies through different elective courses.

Online MBA students at Pepperdine University and other schools receive personal attention from expert business executives, consultants and entrepreneurs. They build their professional networks as they study alongside other working professionals. Most students continue their full-time work while they complete their business degree.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Working Again

God is so good and able. I am so happy that I am now back in the workforce again. A good friend of mine is an instrumental for having this blessing. She recommended me in an optical laboratory that she is working with. They are in need of another person in her department. We talked about it on Saturday, and then on Monday she called me to go the agency who hires workers for their company. That same day all paper works were done, drug test and background check. 

On Tuesday, yesterday, I started work. It was so quick. I am a temporary employee right now, and hopefully, God permits, I will become regular and will  be hired by the company. So far I am doing okay and learning stuff one step at a time. Our supervisor told me not to overwhelm myself as there are so many things to remember. Hopefully I will be able to remember things and become faster in doing things. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working With Trees

I love fall or autumn but one thing I'm not a big fan of is all the falling leaves. Constant raking of our yard is expected during this time of the year. The task can be difficult too when it is always raining, and it is difficult to rake leaves on a wet ground. Although we can probably leave it as it is, we have regulations in our homeowners association to always have clean yard.

One of our friends here who has big trees in their backyard thought of taking down some of the big branches before winter. They don't want any branches falling off again when winter snow storm comes, and this cuts down on the raking you have to do also. You can find equipment for this kind of work at SherrillTree, like chainsaws, pole saws, and tree climbing gear. And make sure you get personal protective equipment (PPE) depending on the kind of work you're doing. PPE can include helmets, chainsaw resistant pants, tree climbing equipment, and more. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday Party at Children's Hands On Museum

Yesterday we attended again another birthday of a friend's son at Children's Hands On Museum. This place is now popular among my friends to held birthday party for kids. One thing I don't like is you only have 1-1/2 hour to use the room and then you have to vacate it. So what our friends did during their kids' party, as soon as guests arrive the food is serve right away. Then followed by blowing of candles and opening of gifts. The kids can then go to wherever they want inside the museum, play, do some arts, and other exciting stuff. 

The kids are just busy bodies when inside this museum. They don't know what to do first as they wanted to try all things. It really keeps them busy while having so much fun. I am thinking of getting a year pass for next year. Winter time will be impossible to be outdoors all the time coz of the cold weather so an indoor activity like this in a museum will be good for the kids then. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Plus Size Clothing

Plus sizes are becoming more available, but they aren't getting any easier to find in mainstream stores. Outside of dedicated outlets there isn't a lot of reliable selection, and not every mall or city has a dedicated plus size outlet to take advantage of. However, this doesn't spell doom for a plus size wardrobe. It just means a little ingenuity is required to get the most out of your shopping. 

The best option for plus sizes is to look online. While outlets are difficult to find in person, they're far more available on the internet. This owes primarily to the decrease in overhead associated with running an online store. Opening a more niche outlet is a far more attractive proposition. In addition to making it easier to find what you're looking for, this frequently results in sales passed onto the customer!

If you are shopping online for plus size garments, it's important to remember to go by measurements more than sizes. This honestly holds true for all shopping, but it goes double for plus size shopping. The truth is that sizes don't mean enough to go by in determining whether something will fit. Whether you're looking for tops, jeans or a plus size cocktail dress, always go by the measurements. 

With a little strategy and searching, shopping online can be a rewarding experience that will see your wardrobe through every season. Don't let the malls and retail outlets get you down. Have a look online and you're sure to find everything your wardrobe is missing.

Birthday Party at Children's Hands On Museum

Last Saturday we were invited for a birthday party at Children's Hands on Museum. It's a great venue for kids as they get to play and experience the museum too after the party. My friend got the package to use a party room for one hour and a half. Although it's a bit pricey but worth it as the children really had a great time. Below are some pictures I took with our girls having a blast inside the museum. 


Book Discounts | Volume Book Discounts

Books have always been expensive, partly because they cost so much to publish, and because their weight means it costs more to ship them. And buying just a few books is often cost prohibitive, but organizations can buy books in bulk and receive volume book discounts. It’s the ideal way for collectors to obtain books, and a very affordable way to make a profit on book sales for fundraisers, book stores, and library sales.

You can buy books, eBooks, and text books wholesale and receive volume discounts. The more you buy, the more you save. Whether it’s juvenile fiction, biographies, best sellers, or topical nonfiction, buying in bulk will increase your profit margin. Large orders can often receive free shipping, too, increasing the bottom line even more. 

With discounts as high as 55 percent, buying books from an online wholesaler is the smart way to get the books you need for your business or charity organization. There’s virtually no limit to the number of copies you can order, so whether you are looking for 50 copies or 5,000 copies, a bulk book wholesaler is a smart way to go, and will net you the biggest savings. Traditional book wholesale suppliers rarely offer more than 40 percent off, and rarely provide free shipping for smaller quantities.

Our Little Fashionista

Little girls are really fun to dress up with. I am glad our girls love it as well. Since our 3 years old is going to school also, she gets to prepare twice a week for school. She gets excited and love to pick her own clothes to wear. Right now she is obsessed with wearing skirt that flares. Good thing her sister's small clothes now fits her so I don't have to buy more for her. Below orange outfit are all hand-me-downs from big sister. She said she feels like a fashionista. She loves to pose and love to see her having a great time doing so. 

Yesterday she went to school too and even woke up early to have her bath and then changed. Her school days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and when she don't go to school she will be fussy at home asking me to go to her school. I am glad that at this time she loves school that much and so eager to learn. I hope and pray she'll stay that way. She have the yellow motif yesterday and uses her big headband/fascinator that I got early this year from Target for $1. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Need A New Haircut

It's been a while since I went to the salon and had my hair cut. I wish I can do it by myself without messing it up and I will surely do it. I am thinking of going to the salon I frequent and have a new style. I wish I have a straight hair so it will be easy for me to style or comb it. My hair is wavy and if I want it straight I need to iron it which I find it a bit taxing, that is physically. I am lazy when it comes to it. 

Not only me though that needs a new hair cut but our girls too. Our eldest only had once ever since. When she turned 4 I brought her to the salon. Our youngest who is already 3 years old haven't had haircut yet. So I am thinking maybe next month we will go all to the salon and have our hair done. My girls would surely be thrilled having it done at the salon. My girls have curly hair and they asked me when can they have straight hair. I told them they have genes for curly hair and unless we can straighten it with iron or chemicals then it could but it will be many years from now. They both groan and said that's too long :-) Anyways, it will be a girls day out come next month for all three of us then. 

K-Drama | Full House

These past few weeks I've been hooked in watching different Korean drama. I think I am about 20 dramas and not even a month yet. This is what gets me since I am just staying at home and nothing to do. Blogging is not that busy too so I have more time in hand to watch K-dramas. I like most those romantic comedy that they have. I've watched some even those that are 5 or 9 years ago.

Right now I am watching Full House, which was released in 2004, starred Song Hye Gyo and Rain [Bi]. I've seen another drama of Song Hye Gyo - That Winter The Wind Blows- and I like her. The plot is good but the development of the story is kinda slow. Here's a synopsis of this drama that I got from

Han Ji Eun [Song Hye Gyo] is a naive script writer who lives alone, until she gets swindled by her best friends into thinking she's won an all-inclusive trip to China. Once she's gone, they sell off her house for their own personal gain. On the plane, she meets Lee Young Jae [Bi], a hotshot actor in Korea. Once she realizes she is stuck in China with no friends or money, she is forced to go to Lee Young Jae for help getting a ticket back home, though when she finally gets back to Korea she finds that she has no home to return to. In a bizarre twist of fate, it turns out her old house is now in the hands of the man she met on the plane, and he's on the brink of proposing marriage to his best friend Kang Hye Won, but a media frenzy causes Young Jae to pretend he is with Ji Eun. Now Ji Eun can get her home back—if she promises to marry Young Jae for a year! Their professional relationship starts becoming personal when Young Jae finds himself caring more and more for the charming girl who always stays cheerful despite her many hardships.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Personalized Children's Books

If you're getting ready to throw a baby shower for a special mother in your life, it's important to consider what type of gift you will give. After all, she'll receive many gifts at her baby shower, but it's important to choose something unique and memorable that she'll be able to enjoy for years to come. 

Skip the clothing gifts. Babies grow so quickly that it can be difficult to know exactly what size to choose. Instead, opt for something like a book. You can get personalized childrens books, traditional children's books, or even nursery rhymes that the family can read to the new child for years to come. 

You could also choose to purchase furniture for the new baby. Something like a crib, dresser, changing table, or even rocking chair are important pieces of furniture for the little one's nursery. Consider going in on the gift with several friends to pick something special that the mother-to-be really wants and will enjoy. 

Finally, make sure you wrap the gift in colorful paper and include a meaningful card. It's important not to forget the card since it offers a chance to give a few special words or well wishes for the baby and mother.

Bike Riding without Training Wheels

This past summer I was planning of teaching our 6-year-old to ride her bike without training wheels. She said that she wanted to learn to ride without training wheels so she can go bike riding too with the neighborhood kids. Sad to say, I did not persevere in teaching her. 

On the good side, my husband came to the rescue and taught her diligently for 2 days on how to balance and focus on the road. Our daughter is very perfectionist. She wanted to learn right away. It frustrates her when she can't balance or pedal good and fall. Hubby told her that it is okay to fall as she is still learning. 

After 2 days of arduously having her to ride her bike around the block this past week, she is now able to ride her bike without training wheels. The 2nd day they were outside for almost 4 hours. The persistence of our little girl to learn and the patience of her father made it possible for her to reach this milestone and I am so proud of her. My husband then told me when they both got in the house, that he felt good teaching me how to drive and was successful and then he also taught her daughter to ride a bike with no training wheels. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Workwear Apparel | Men's Clothing

Work fashion for men has never been easier to acquire than at the Dickies online clothing store. From high visibility work clothing to bib overalls, Dickies provides everything the working man needs in high performance clothing. Browsing through the premier Dickies line of work clothing, shoppers have access to relaxed fit carpenter jeans, relaxed fit 5-pocket jeans and high quality regular fit jeans. 

Dickies is also host to quality men's scrubs, including men's v-neck scrub tops, unisex lab coats, and men's drawstring scrub pants. Other work apparel found here includes painter's wear, such as painter's bib overalls, double knee painter's paints, and long-sleeve utility coveralls. 

Dickies is also known for providing workwear apparel for those that require safety clothing, including Dickies flame resistant coveralls, Dickies flame resistant hooded jackets, and relaxed-fit flame resistant twill pants. Men can also shop Dickies online for Big & Tall cotton premium pleated pants, Big & Tall multi-use industrial pocket pants, and Big & Tall heavyweight cotton shirts. 

Shoppers can even find Big & Tall bib overalls, Big & Tall high visibility wear, and Big & Tall men's shorts. For those that require men's Big & Tall outerwear, Dickies has got them covered. 

From diamond quilt nylon jackets and softshell hooded jackets to thermal lined fleece jackets and bonded waffle knitted jackets, Dickies is the premier resource for men's outwear and work clothing. Whether it's clothing for lawn and pool service workers or it's men's work apparel for those that work within the transportation industry, the Dickies online clothing store offers top picks in workwear for men.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to Busy Days

Yay, as summer already ended for our girls school then has started. Our school year here started on the 4th of this month and it was really a hectic day for our 1st grader. It's her first day and she will be in school for the whole day now. During kindergarten they only have half days. So my time to wake up is now changing too as I have to prepare breakfast and pack lunch for our first grader.

During the summer we usually woke up late and the kids went to bed about passed 10pm. Sometimes we woke up around 8am or 9am and then have our brunch. This time I have to be up at 6am so I can prepare breakfast for the kids and the pack lunch. I have a plan of making daily menu in advance so I will not be wondering too much of what to make. Good thing though our youngest only have 2 half days a week to go to school; that is every Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

As we are going to be busy with new schedules, I wish at times that we have house help especially in the early morning coz it sure is nice to sleep in. The cooler weather is approaching and having to curl in bed will be more of a luxury with little and school kids around.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chromaharp Instrument

The chromaharp at musician's friend that I saw while searching was something that I haven't seen yet and know nothing about. But it is very interesting as it is an excellent instrument for learning especially with teenagers interested in this zither instrument which has 37 strings instead of the conventional 36.

On another note, I am very glad that our girls are interested in music. As they have their vacation bible school they are also in a children's choir. Our youngest even at 3 is saying she wants to play the guitar. So I am thinking this chromaharp would be a good instrument for them to learn if there is a chance too aside from guitar, piano, or violin. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

Yesterday the Vacation Bible School in our church started. The main focus of this year's VBS is about hospitality according to the bible and also showcasing different hospitality culture of different countries. One country that the church is showcasing is Philippines. The 3 to 5 years old will be in the Philippines classroom and they did really good decorating it with something about the country. 

Both our girls are very excited going to VBS. This is also the first classroom setting for our 3-year-old and she is just a chatterbox after the session yesterday. The class started at 7pm but at 6pm they go to church for snacks and then learning some songs. It will end on Friday and I am hoping our girls will learn a lot from this year's vacation bible school.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Quinceneara Dresses

A quinceanera is an important milestone in a young girl's life. It marks a girl's 15th birthday, and it's a Latin American tradition that is celebrated in various forms across the globe. One of the most traditional aspects of the ceremony involves an elaborate and voluminous dress plus the festivities one shares with her friends and family, including a father-daughter dance. 

Shopping for a quinceanera dress is a lot like finding the perfect prom or even wedding dress. It's your day and you want a gown that's going to make you feel like you're on top of the world. It should be a dress that is traditional, yet still representative of your personality and interests. The last thing you want is to be zipped into a dress you loathe, only to pretend you're happy for the rest of the evening. 

Dress shopping can certainly be beneficial to do in person considering that you get a chance to try things on, however, you'll likely not find anything too rare or special in a boutique. If you're after something special and specific, online stores are the best way to go. You may just even be able to snag a designer piece for a fraction of what you'd get retail. 

For starters, try to shop quinceanera dresses at This website features a bevy of designers and gowns for just about any aesthetic. If the dress you ordered doesn't fit, you can always send it back for an exchange, and you can also have it altered to achieve the perfect fit.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Antivirus to Protect Your Computer

We surely do not know when those virus can attack our computer system. This is why is very important to have a reliable antivirus to protect our computers. Recently while I was doing work online, my computer got infected and I thought my husband has to reformat it, bug luckily it was recovered. There are antivirus you can choose from and pick the one that is proven and tested to really detect those nasty virus right away. I heard about avira antivirus software as a good and easy to use antivirus. Now that I've experienced having my computer infected with malwares and virus, I made sure our computer is protected and I don't take any chances. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Disney Backpack for Back-to-School

I bet most of you who have kids going back to school are already done back to school shopping. I already started for our incoming first grader. Hopefully this week I will be able to finish it although the first day of school is still on September 4th. Yesterday, we went to the mall and at the Disney store. They really have a good deal on backpacks. A $12 for backpack and $8 for lunch tote is not bad of a deal at all. So I got our 1st grader the Arielle set.

They have different styles of course but our daughter like this one. The backpack is perfect for her size. Although I am bothered with the sequins and glitters but I can rotate this with her old backpacks to prevent the fast wear and tear. Our little girl is now so excited to go back to school she keep asking. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maintaining and Caring for Your Lawn

We have a nice space in our backyard and now that it's summer we water it every other day. But honestly it is really hard to maintain a lawn and making the grass looking so green and healthy. It is our homeowners association to maintain a clean backyard and if your lawn grasses are dead or not maintaining it you have to be fined. So some of the homeowners contacted lawn management services to maintain and care for their lawns, especially those that are busy and not always in their house. 

One landscape management that I hear and has good reputation is Procare landscape management. They do landscaping, lawn care and maintenance. The company is located in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area and offers a year-round services. They even do snow removal and ice management equipment. Other core services they do is irrigation and tree removal services. I read many testimonials that they really do a great job. 

I am looking of the same services here in our area if our backyard will not return to its healthy condition. The weather is always hot with temperatures in the high 70s. Definitely its making the grass brown. Professional help is needed as I don't really have idea or capacity to take out the old grass and place a new one. I hope I will be able to find something like Procare, that would be great.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gibson Guitar Brand

When it comes to guitar one thing that will come to my mind is the gibson brand. I don't know, but this one is the most popular for me that I've known. I guess because ever since I was introduced to playing the guitar, this brand is the one that I've always used. My friends back in college who played guitar too talks about it and so it sticks to my mind like a glue. And when it comes to checking out different guitars or gibson guitar for that matter, gibson advanced jumbo at musicians friend comes to my mind as well. For those that loves acoustic guitars, this brand and style may be something to think about and worth to check out.

Tuesday at the Pool | Summer Fun Time

Yesterday, instead of taking the kids to the park for our usual park day Tuesday, we brought them to the pool on post. During weekdays, the recreational swimming for the Kimbro pool will be at 1pm until 3pm unless there's no swimming lessons then it will be until 7pm. 

The kids were very excited. It was our girls first time to go to this pool because in the past when we get there it's either closed for swimming lesson or not yet open until later, which I can't wait due to other appointments. So finally, the girls wished came through and they're hoping we can go back there again. Hopefully this Friday we can go back there again coz they are going to close until 7pm, we will have more time wade at the pool.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very important because you don't know how it can accumulate dusts, food particles, stains from beverages and other dirt and germ sources. When you have little kids, the cleaning will be almost everyday, especially in areas where there is heavy traffic and kids always play at. We have more carpet areas in the house than the hardwood floors. The only hardwood area we have is in the kitchen and the breakfast nook. The downstairs family room and formal dining and living areas are carpeted as well as the upstairs, except the bathrooms and laundry room. 

My husband will do the steam carpet cleaning all the time and for frequent vacuuming, I do it anytime of the day and when it is deemed necessary. When our youngest was still crawling, I vacuumed every single day. We use different cleaners for the carpet before, but now I make sure to use eco-friendly carpet cleaners. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is very important. We often heard on the news how those cleaners with hazardous chemicals can spoil the environment and also hazardous to our health. 

The most safe and eco-friendly carpet cleaning process known is through steam cleaning. You only need water and no added chemicals for this. There are for sure carpet cleaning services that offers this and at home, if you have steam carpet cleaner then it is a good thing. This is why I am planning to invest on one so we will not rent a steamer anymore. There are vacuum cleaners with steaming capabilities that are in the market to choose from. This is going to be my next project to purchase before this coming spring. 

Park By the Lake | Summer Fun Time

I told my kids that this summer we will try to go to different parks in the area for them to enjoy. At least in a week we can visit one park if the weather permits. So for last week our park hopping ended at the Shoreline beach park. I did not know there was a park by the lake until our daughter told me she saw kids swinging at the park. Indeed, on the hillside area where the lake is at is where the park is located. It is overlooking to both sides of the lake. It is a good size park and is fairly new. After the lake was done at the lake and changed, we brought them to the park for a few minutes. I also took pictures of the kids with the other side of the lake as a view. 

This is what I like here because even at an apartment community there is a park that is being built in anticipation of families with children that lives. So you can certainly find parks and park hopping won't be that hard. It is fun for the kids and its free.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The 90's are Where It's At This Summer!

If you were a child (or teenager) growing up in the 90's, you probably remember the fashion of the times. Fashion in the 90's was quite diverse, ranging from the supremely cool 90's grunge era (think Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, long hair, floral tea dresses and Doctor Martens boots) to the shell suits and mood tie-dye tees of the late 90's. Obviously, some trends were cooler than others, but the 90's is coming back with a vengeance this summer, so here's how to perfect the 90's trend for yourself!

Work the Laid Back Look 

When we were younger, we all wanted to be Angela from My So Called Life. Most of us wanted her red hair, although some of us loved the way Rayanne dressed. Others longed to look like Angel from Home & Away, with her funky, hippy surfer girl vibe. Key to all these looks was a laid back attitude. Work long, beach wavy hair with a floral tee dress, given a tougher edge with chunky ankle or knee high boots. Toughen up a floral skirt and tee combo with a leather biker jacket. Torn, ripped jeans or jackets don't need mending - they're a key part of the 90's grunge look! Floral prints were hot in the 90's, but try to go for small to medium florals rather than big bold blooms. Men's fashions were, well, manly - think loose fitting or straight leg jeans with a cool faded band tee or jumper. If you fancy channeling some Kurt Cobain, grow your hair and wear it loose and wavy. Finish off your look with a cool 90's styled backpack or oversized handbag for the perfect casual style. 

90's Sportswear 

Sportswear was hot in the 90's too, although if you try to work the full-shellsuit look today, there's a good chance you might be stopped for crimes against fashion! Instead, channel some of the easier to wear 90's sportswear trends by opting for a tie-dye dress - ombre dip dye is hot right now. Or pair a dip-dye crop top with shorts and trainers. Don't forget to get your backpacks and bags online here- a sporty rucksack is the perfect addition to your sporty 90's look. Men can channel the look with a pair of jogging bottoms (opt for polyester rather than the jersey styles favoured nowadays) and team with your favourite band tee - ideally something cool from the 90's! 

There's no denying that the 90's were a cool time for fashion - look at the popular styles throughout the decade and it's easy to find something that you can add to your look today! Start small with funky 90's jewellery and accessories such as bags and shoes and gradually work your way towards a complete 90's style. For those afraid of looking too retro, the grunge look seems to make its way back into fashion every year, so you'll never look dated. 

Alice Wilkes is a freelance fashion blogger and self confessed shopping addict. She has over 50 pairs of shoes but lives in her Doctor Martens and 90's grunge is most definitely her look of choice. She recommends that anyone looking for funky 90's accessories should buy their backpacks and bags online here!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach Time at American Lake | Summer Fun Time

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in our state. The weather was sunny, maybe around the 70's, so we decided to head out to the beach side at American Lake. This lake is inside Joint Base Lewis McChord in North Forth. It is not as crowded because you can only enter if you are a member of the armed forces; veterans, reserved, and active duty family or dependents; or anybody who has military ID to enter the base. 

We went to the Shoreline Beach Park in the afternoon when the sun is not as scorching anymore. The kids love to play in the water so I made sure I was at arm's length when they're in. Good thing there are life guards around the beach area as well as those that are doing the rounds, boating on the lake. 

There's a buoy or marker/line also indicating where you can wade in the water and area where it is allowed to swim and dive as well as for fishing. There are pedal boats, kayaks and skis that you can rent out too for those who want to have more fun at the lake. We are planning, along with some friends, to have camping by the lake next month when weather permits, so we'll see if that one will be pushed through. I told the kids about it and they are more excited of the plan.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Harassment in the Workplace

It is not uncommon that you hear news about harassment in the workplace. Just recently, I heard about news in the military wherein more and more cases are coming out in the open about sexual harassment. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed.

Harassment in any form can really create big impact to the victim. It affects the victim's well-being, can cause stress and devastating emotions, helplessness, embarrassment, and being uncomfortable when at work because of fear of having to happen again. 

If ever you are in a situation such as this and you live in San Diego area, click here for sexual harassment attorney San Diego. And for anyone that is a victim of harassment, seek legal help. There are good lawyers that advocate for this and can surely give you the right legal support. 

I am glad that so far in my work experiences, I haven't experience any harassment, prejudice or discrimination. As a minority and having English as my second language, I always have that apprehension. I may just be lucky that all companies that I've worked with do not tolerate any form of prejudices or harassment. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Having Fun at Point Defiance

When weather is nice and we don't have much to do at home, we love to drive around and do some sightseeing in our community or the neighboring places. One Saturday afternoon we don't have much to do at home so we decided to walk around Point Defiance park. We've been to this place ample of times but we still love to go do there to have some fresh air and just commune with nature. It is one cost-less sightseeing that the kids love as well. Below are some pics that we took during our leisure walk at Point Defiance park.

If we wanted to not spend money for weekend or day trips, we just go to parks and do some walking/hiking and bring some snacks and we are good to go. It is the best way to show our kids too that we don't have to spend much to have bonding time as family. 

Creating the perfect 'princess bedroom' - top tips

As any fans of the classic children's book will know, every girl is a princess. Modern girls might be thinking more along the lines of Disney's Cinderella than Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Princess Sara Crewe, but the message definitely still holds true. If your miniature monarch requires a suitable sanctuary, follow these top tips for creating the perfect princess bedroom. 

When buying your kids bedroom furniture there are many different types of childrens beds, the big challenge is striking a balance between practicality and imagination. To create a fairy-tale castle in your home without spending a fortune, a little imagination is required, and the best person for that is none other than the princess herself. Have a long talk with your little girl about the kind of room she imagines, with absolutely nothing off the table. Once you know what she's dreaming of, you can start bringing it back to reality with a bit of clever shopping and a lot of invention. 

For the classic 'princess in a castle' theme, start with basics like a beautiful white chest of drawers. Drape sheer tulle curtains from the ceiling above the bed to create illusion of a four poster, and pin up fairy lights to give the room a twinkling, magical feel. Stencil butterflies onto the walls, or invest in some wall stickers of tall trees to evoke Sleeping Beauty trapped in the enchanted forest. You can build a window seat by attaching cushions to the top of a wooden chest: the perfect perch to sit and read a book, or gaze dramatically out of the window.

If your princess is less of a damsel in distress and more an action hero in her own right, take inspiration from Disney's Brave with a deep purple and turquoise colour scheme. Princess Merida is an archer and an expert horse-rider, and a rough and tumble princess needs a room to match. You can spray paint bed posts a metallic gold for a touch of mediaeval glamour, and go for dark wooden furniture for a traditional Scottish look. Here again you can create a four-poster bed with sheer curtains, but remember to leave plenty of floor space for practising rolls, swordplay and planning adventures. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Compression Tights

If you suffer from poor circulation, sore arms or any other condition that impacts your limbs, you can wear compression tights to help relieve your pain. These tights are made from quality materials designed to offer a snug and comfortable fit wherever they are worn. These tights can make it easier to get through a day at work, a night out with friends or whatever else your day may bring. 

When you are free from pain, you will be happier, independent and live a more productive life. The best part is that your tights can be colored to blend in with your clothing if you don't want people to know what you are wearing. Wearing your compression garment can help you find a job because you are going to be able to get through the day without having to take a lot of breaks due to pain. Relationships are going to be easier to maintain when you don't have to cancel group outings on a regular basis. Having the ability to get to your kid's soccer or baseball game will make you happy while also making your child happy that you could be there to cheer him or her on.

Freedom Fest 2013 at JBLM

In celebration of the 237th year of the United States of America, JBLM had the Freedom Fest 2013 celebration as well. They have this yearly and as usual there will be lots of games, music, food, carnival, shows, and many other fun stuffs. We got to the Cowan stadium where all the fun happened passed 1pm. Good thing it was not that hot as the weather temperature was only about the 70's. It was a perfect day. In order to get into the rides, you need to buy tickets. The ticket is .50 cents each. We bought 40 tickets for $20. The rides of course have height limit and unfortunately our DD2 did not reach the height requirements for all the rides that her sister got on. She was really sad. The only ride she did was the pony ride before we head home. 

DD1 enjoyed the rides and games at the carnival. 
Ate told her little sister she will play for the heavy hitter so she can give the price to her.
Pony ride

Knowing Your State Laws Regarding Bankruptcy

When dealing with finances and there is nothing one can do but to resort to bankruptcy, it is best to seek for the right information. Accordingly, the process of bankruptcy is almost the same in all state as this is governed by federal government. But it is best to know your individual state's laws regarding bankruptcy as there are also laws that are unique to whichever state you are filing bankruptcy from. 

There are bankruptcy consultations you can find in your state, like for example pennsylvania bankruptcy laws, you can check about them online or ask your lawyer about specific laws that affect your filing for bankruptcy. It is best to understand these laws so that it will ensure success in your proceedings and you get all the vital information and understanding about what you are dealing with to have a debt relief.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Heat Wave | How to Beat the Heat?

Monday was really hot and our temperature was in the upper 80's. What best way to beat the heat that day than to be in the water with friends to cool off. Yes, we went to Long Lake park near us. We set it as playdate for the kids. 

This lake is one of the fine swimming beaches here in our county and is only about 5 to 10 minutes away from our house depending on traffic. We got there passed 1pm and the park area was already full of people lounging on the grassy hillside, overlooking the lake, basking under the heat of the sun. There were too many people just sitting on the dock and more in the water cooling off. Good thing our friends who got there first were able to put up a tent near the water so when the kids are playing they are just a stone throw away. 

The water was cold, but it feels good when you dip in because the heat of the sun that day was so overwhelming. I forgot to bring the kids their floaties and the good thing is that there are life vests that you can borrow if you need one at no cost provided by the park and recreation services. For sure and for safety purposes, I borrowed one each for my girls. There were also lifeguards deployed along the beaches and on the dock. 

In times of this very hot summer weather, the best way to spend it with if you like the outdoors is in or near the water. Just make sure to take all the necessary precautions as drowning is a silent killer. If you are in the water boating, make sure all the passengers have the correct life vest and no drinking while operating the boat. When going swimming, please be mindful of the water's current and do not leave the kids in the water without supervision. Life vest is good but close supervision is still important for their safety. 

We may go back there one of these hot summer days and I will take a good picture of the lake view as I did not have the chance this day. The kids were so excited to be in the water and I can't leave to get my phone or use my phone while in the water for fear of it to fall. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Manufacturing and Industrial Job for my Husband

My husband is in the process of going through a retirement preparation. They have in the military what they call ACAP which prepares them for the civilian life. Going through courses in ACAP enables him to know more about different companies that hires veterans, going through classes and even registering to manufacturing classes and workshops for preparation if they wanted to have a career in manufacturing.

My husband went through an industrial manufacturing class/workshop. After the classroom instructions, they were toured to different manufacturing companies. One thing that caught his attention was the company that manufactures different industrial parts. They were showed the process of how those industrial parts being made and washing those parts using a very big industrial part washers.

He told me with fascination the things he saw at the manufacturing plant. He got interested how those big washers do a great job that he checked and researched those washers online. He found out that AEC Systems manufactures those big custom aqueous industrial washers. This company has been in the business for many decades and for sure they do have the experience in developing the best industrial part washers.

I am not sure though if my husband will continue to have a career path in manufacturing industry. But he said he won't mind working there and learn the job some more. He even encouraged me to attend the workshop next time with him as it also allows military dependents to register.

Summer Fair and Carnival

During summer there will be lots of fun for the kids to do. Good thing is that the community also have different programs that caters to children. Although some of them you have to pay for the program but some, like water park, playground parks, and other outdoor and nature trails are good for the family to enjoy. Last month there was a mini carnival in our area and we brought the kids there. They were very much happy and enjoyed the rides especially our eldest daughter. But sad to say our little girl, who is not tall enough, did not enjoy and was crying every time she can't ride. 

Our eldest was very brave in trying out this giant slide. I and hubby were scared for her, but she just said and even assured us that she will be fine. When it comes to this she is determined, but if she sees little insects, ants or anything that crawls she will really freak out. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smokeless Cigarettes | Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes that take the shame out of the game for smokers. No more of the terrible tobacco smell while they offend people passing by. Smokers no longer have to worry about whether an establishment allows smoking or not before making plans with friends and family, or in turn, finding themselves standing outside and missing half of the event to enjoy their favorite habit. 

Electronic cigarettes also do not contain all of the carcinogens that come with smoking the average tar-based cigarette, which could possibly mean much less damage to the person's health all while maintaining the same quality nicotine fix and pleasurable feeling that comes from smoking. Just like picking a brand of regular cigarettes, there are many places to get electronic cigarettes, and each person is likely to develop a loyalty to a particular electronic cigarette manufacturer. 

Not all products are created equally though. Smokeless cigarettes at is a great place to try different varieties and start to identify what kind of cigarettes will be your new best friend. Affordable prices and good shipping options make sure that getting eCigs won't be any more difficult than grabbing a pack from the local convenience store.

Saturday Fun at the Water Park

The weather forecast we have for this weekend and for next week will be hot with temperature in the 80's to 90's. This is accordingly due to the heat wave going on here in the west coast areas. For sure this will be fun time to go out and be in the water. So, we brought the kids to the water park inside Ft. Lewis this afternoon. Lots of people were in there enjoying the cool water. The park is not that huge but enough for the kids to enjoy different sprouts. There is also a nearby play park and sheds for for picnics. We will be going there again next week for some fun again. It's the best way to beat the heat for sure. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Custom Made Guitars | Luthiers Collection

When an aspiring musician picks up their first guitar, they may be fairly clueless about how it’s made, what makes it a good instrument, or what is needed to produce the best sound. As they learn how to play and possibly style themselves after their favorite musicians, it’s only natural they learn more about the instrument itself and what constitutes a “good” guitar and which ones produce the kind of sound they are looking for. 

More and more musicians are looking to have custom made instruments from well-known and sought after builders. There are Luthiers collection custom made guitars that allow musicians to own a custom made instrument without the long wait and at competitive prices. Their guitars are handcrafted and made to produce music of all kinds of styles. 

A custom made guitar makes for an amazing gift for the musician in your life. They are one of a kind creations that produce rich sounds that are sure to please any musician, from the beginner to the experienced. With builders like Jeff Traugott, Kim Walker, Ervin Somogyi, “Grit” Laskin, Jim Olson, Linda Manzer, and more, there is sure to be a custom guitar creator your musician would love to own an instrument from. Surprise them with a great present they will adore and use for years to come. Whether it’s to add to a collection or to get an interested music lover started, it will be a treasured gift they will be thanking you for years for.

A Simple Wish | Great Princess Party Venue

I mentioned in my other blog that our girls were invited in a princess themed birthday party. The venue was the party place strictly for princess themed birthday party or tea party for little girls. The place is located about 25 minutes away from us. 

The place is really dainty. Not so big at all. It is painted yellow outside and pink and yellow inside with white trims and pink entrance door. When you enter, there is a small area where they display different souvenirs, accessories and costumes. On the other side is the long dining table; then the hall with a stage and on the left side a wall mirror, kids little play area, a reading corner and then on the right side a sitting area as well as craft table. Behind the stage is the dressing area, small kitchen, and restroom. 

I love the activities they lined up for the little girls. Very exciting for the princesses to join every activity. Below are some of the pictures I took during the party. 

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