Friday, January 25, 2013

I am Glad It is Friday!

I feel so very exhausted every night after my shift at work. Although I am working at home, but my brain is so used up that nearing to my shift I can fell having some brain fart. This week I received a call from our supervisor and I need to really work on my speed. I need to at least get to the level of the company's minimum line count per hour. I am really trying my very best and I hope to continually increase everyday. 

On the other note, I am glad it is already Friday and I can relax for two days, not thinking about work. But then, I have to do household stuff and errands. I wish we have help here to do all those chores and you can just sit back and relax. That is only in my dreams though. I will still try to mix fun with the kids and doing chores this weekend and at the same time relax if I can to relieve some stress from work. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dream Parisian Vacation

One of the many places in my bucket list to visit is Paris in France. I have heard so much of the place and wishing one day to see the famous city of love. I have friends that are now living in Europe. One family in Germany and another in Belgium. They both visited Paris, France and they talked a lot of nice things about the place. Paris is really very well known especially in fashion industry. I also admire its rich history and culture as well as the architecture as you can see in different historical landmarks. The famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs-Elysees, and others are the must-see and I am hoping to see it in my life-time. 

For those that wants to visit or wants to stay in Paris, hotels, bed and breakfast are scattered all over the place. As famous as this place, accommodations would not run out at all. There are many to choose from, from luxurious ones to affordable ones, you can surely find a place to stay. I researched places to stay when staying there for a longer period of time, I found out about luxury paris apartment that suited for luxurious living. The apartments are so gorgeous and situated in posh locations too. My friend said that they found a lot of nice apartments with beautiful buildings near the famous spots in Paris. I bet those that are near the tourist attractions will be on the expensive side. But I guess the perk of having great view and great amenities would really matter. I wish one day my dream will come true and we can have a Parisian vacation. 

Where to Sleep?

My kids have their own beds and we put them together in the same room as they are still toddlers. The other bedroom we use as their playroom. I told the girls no toys in their bedroom. They can only have their books and can bring stuffed toys 2 or 3 of their favorite ones. Although they are good in keeping all toys in their playroom, I can't get them to take away stuffed toys and dolls. Instead of having just 2 or 3, each of them have about at least 6 on their beds. I asked our eldest where can she sleep when she have all those stuffed toys on her bed. She said they're her company when she goes to sleep coz there are times she gets scared sleeping by herself. 

The youngest have a toddler bed and as you can see in the picture all her friends are occupying it already. The eldest have a full size bed and although she has a big bed, at night when she goes to sleep, it will look cramped as she will lay the dolls and stuffed toys on the pillows as well beside her. I just hope she will outgrow some of those as I am the one who is fixing it every morning and I have to pick up stuffed toy friends that are kicked on the floor.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Saving Plan

It is a fact that if you do not have a plan you will not likely prosper or you will not have a concrete path of what you are going to do. At the end of the year, we usually bombarded with holiday expenses. If we are not careful, we will really go broke. So my plan for this year is to follow a weekly saving plan that will help me with end of the year expenses. 

I saw this very interesting way of saving in one of the wall post on facebook and gives me an idea to to try for myself. We know that there are 52 weeks in a calendar year. On a weekly basis, we can keep an amount equal to the # of weeks. Like for example, on week 1, you save $1, week 2 $2, week 3 $3 and so on and so forth until the last week, 52 weeks, you save $52. If you think the end of the year is more costly to stash about $50 a week, then you can reverse the process. Start saving $52 on week 1 and in December you will have enough cushion since you will only save $1 on the last week. 

Another way is to make a chart with all the weeks and the amount you need to save. If you have the opportunity or enough money then you can go save the higher amount and then just scratch it off the chart until you finish at the end of the year. 

Since this is the start of the 3rd week of the year it is not yet late to start. I will try this method of saving aside from keeping all of our loose coins in a jar. My kids are very prompt in reminding me whenever we have loose coins in the house to put it in their piggy banks. This is also a good way of teaching them about money at their tender age. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Couponing in the New Year

One of the things that I am continuing this year from last year is my couponing. I am and will still use coupon in my shopping trips, may it be for groceries, dining out, or buying apparel for my family. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful coupon is in our finances. Though some would say you are only saving pennies, but if all adds up, it is really a fortune. Nowadays where our financial situation is gaining more balance, every penny helps. Whatever we can save is more money towards our pocket.

It is really great to note also that almost all establishments here in our area, not just the big box stores, offers coupons. We love to dine out, and it is one of our family bonding time. I am really glad that I can collect restaurant coupons not just from inserts of newspapers and magazines, but also delivered straight to our mailbox for free through valpak. I only knew this here in the US. Just last week we received another one again in the mail. I sorted it out and keep those that we will need including coupons for services offered like hair cuts, cleaning, and others.

Couponing really helps me not just by saving, but also becoming more responsible in our finances and being aware of different opportunities to use for saving. This will be one of my goal this year, to save more and use every opportunity to save. The year just started and I know setting goal is also good for a fresh start this new year. I am thankful for all the chances for me to save through coupons and very grateful that valpak also make it possible through their free coupons.

Experience at the Museum of Flight

One of the must-see if you are in the pacific northwest area is the Museum of Flight. It is located in the Boeing Field south of  Seattle, WA. It has more than 85 aircraft and other memorabilia during first and second world war. They also have space gallery as well as shuttle guided tours. As we all know that museums are really educational and very interesting. You will be amazed of the different aircraft used from long time ago and then compared to the new ones right now. I would love to visit there again as we were not able to do the shuttle guided tour due to lack of time.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopping as a Game

Shopping has really come a long way, especially with the advent of technology. You can shop wherever you are. It is not anymore unreachable. Even if you are in the middle of the sea in a ship or up there in clouds in the plane, or in your home or riding on a train, as long as there is internet you can now shop ti you drop.

More so, shopping is not traditional anymore. You can shop while enjoying also just like a game. There is the auction or bidding process in shopping and this is more challenging for some shoppers. I read a shopping DealDash Review and this really interests me. Accordingly, DealDash as a  penny auction company offers its patrons an enjoyable way to shop. You can bid for the items you like but you can also get the item you like thru its buy it now. They aim to make shopping enjoyable for their shoppers. 

I think, for this new year we have to make shopping fun and not spending too much money. Auction or bidding is a good thing to try. So if you are up to it, check Deal Dash now. I am pretty sure it will be fun for you as well!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Working At Home

One of the many things I was and is thankful is having a full time job as an employee while still in the comfort of our home. I am on a 90-day probationary period working as a medical transcriptionist or medical language specialist. I went to school to train to become one and my effort paid off. I need to get more experience in order to become good at this. This is my first time to work as an MT.

What I like working at home is you don't have to drive and you save gas, no daycare for my girls, and you don't have to dress up as pajama will surely be okay. I have a fix time to work with an 8-hour shift. So I don't have any flexibility on that, but still knowing that I can still take care of my kids, watch over them is really a good plus.

One thing that I can only say that is a downside is that as this job really needs concentration and focus, having your little ones around really poses a great challenge. I need no distractions as of this time since I am a newbie and I need to boost my speed to reach the productivity goal. Right now my productivity is really low and I need to speed it up.There are still a lot of things I need to do in order for me to get the goal for more production. It is not an overnight thing as you also make sure that your accuracy is also perfect.

Below is my workspace right now. I am thinking of making changes with it in the near future. I need a relaxing home office too so I won't get so bored working alone. Planning of painting the room and get another office desk as well as install a second monitor. Those are my wish list for this new year to make working at home more comfortable :-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Choosing a Travel Agent

Traveling in luxury is one thing that I have yet to try. Although we've traveled to places but was not as grand and luxurious one that I so desired. But for the most part, I can say, the vacation we had had back then were all relaxing and enjoyable as I did it with my family. 

What I am talking about luxurious travel is going to places that is an ultimate dream for all to see with all the perks and fun it offers. I was told that if you want to experience a well planned and get the most of your travel to any destinations, you have to get travel agents that is well versed in the place you want to go to. Like if you want to go to New Zealand, check out for new zealand travel agents that can give you all the options on how to experience luxury travel in New Zealand. By doing so, you will be given all the information you need to know about the place; where to go, which accommodation best suited for your needs, what are the perks and incentives you can get, and many others.

Speaking of New Zealand travel, a cousin of mine that lives in Australia plannned on having a holiday there. I can give them information about Seasonz Travel, a known travel agency in New Zealand that can make their itineraries over there smooth sailing. I am pretty sure with a travel agency that knows about the place so much can greatly help them to have a great time during their holiday.

For me, a well laid travel plan is really stress free. I know for most that as much as possible we wanted to not spend too much on our travel and travel agents can also give you that option as well. It is just a matter of choosing which one and using it in full in your advantage. We have a family travel to make middle of this year and as early as now I am already checking out travel agencies that can give me the best offer. The best thing now is you can go online so it is easy and hassle free. How about you? Do you prefer going to travel agency for your travel or just do it on your own?
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