Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dream Parisian Vacation

One of the many places in my bucket list to visit is Paris in France. I have heard so much of the place and wishing one day to see the famous city of love. I have friends that are now living in Europe. One family in Germany and another in Belgium. They both visited Paris, France and they talked a lot of nice things about the place. Paris is really very well known especially in fashion industry. I also admire its rich history and culture as well as the architecture as you can see in different historical landmarks. The famous Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Champs-Elysees, and others are the must-see and I am hoping to see it in my life-time. 

For those that wants to visit or wants to stay in Paris, hotels, bed and breakfast are scattered all over the place. As famous as this place, accommodations would not run out at all. There are many to choose from, from luxurious ones to affordable ones, you can surely find a place to stay. I researched places to stay when staying there for a longer period of time, I found out about luxury paris apartment that suited for luxurious living. The apartments are so gorgeous and situated in posh locations too. My friend said that they found a lot of nice apartments with beautiful buildings near the famous spots in Paris. I bet those that are near the tourist attractions will be on the expensive side. But I guess the perk of having great view and great amenities would really matter. I wish one day my dream will come true and we can have a Parisian vacation. 

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