Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where to Sleep?

My kids have their own beds and we put them together in the same room as they are still toddlers. The other bedroom we use as their playroom. I told the girls no toys in their bedroom. They can only have their books and can bring stuffed toys 2 or 3 of their favorite ones. Although they are good in keeping all toys in their playroom, I can't get them to take away stuffed toys and dolls. Instead of having just 2 or 3, each of them have about at least 6 on their beds. I asked our eldest where can she sleep when she have all those stuffed toys on her bed. She said they're her company when she goes to sleep coz there are times she gets scared sleeping by herself. 

The youngest have a toddler bed and as you can see in the picture all her friends are occupying it already. The eldest have a full size bed and although she has a big bed, at night when she goes to sleep, it will look cramped as she will lay the dolls and stuffed toys on the pillows as well beside her. I just hope she will outgrow some of those as I am the one who is fixing it every morning and I have to pick up stuffed toy friends that are kicked on the floor.

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