Thursday, January 3, 2013

Working At Home

One of the many things I was and is thankful is having a full time job as an employee while still in the comfort of our home. I am on a 90-day probationary period working as a medical transcriptionist or medical language specialist. I went to school to train to become one and my effort paid off. I need to get more experience in order to become good at this. This is my first time to work as an MT.

What I like working at home is you don't have to drive and you save gas, no daycare for my girls, and you don't have to dress up as pajama will surely be okay. I have a fix time to work with an 8-hour shift. So I don't have any flexibility on that, but still knowing that I can still take care of my kids, watch over them is really a good plus.

One thing that I can only say that is a downside is that as this job really needs concentration and focus, having your little ones around really poses a great challenge. I need no distractions as of this time since I am a newbie and I need to boost my speed to reach the productivity goal. Right now my productivity is really low and I need to speed it up.There are still a lot of things I need to do in order for me to get the goal for more production. It is not an overnight thing as you also make sure that your accuracy is also perfect.

Below is my workspace right now. I am thinking of making changes with it in the near future. I need a relaxing home office too so I won't get so bored working alone. Planning of painting the room and get another office desk as well as install a second monitor. Those are my wish list for this new year to make working at home more comfortable :-)

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marie said...

Mommy bless, pwede mg ask kni man unta ako kwaon nga course ky flexible sa ako oras d nta mag hago og gasto para sa daycare. akoa ky g widthraw nko ako para CNA wa ko g dayon. last yr. naa ky idea ang tools ani pila ang bayad? i hope u dont mine momy bless ky gusto ko balik school.

Anonymous said...

that was good to know, i wish i could do the same thing. Working at home with kids can be a good alternative these days than keeping them at a daycare.

Rcel said...

Wow Bless! You have a very organized desk! Aguy ako, di nalang ko patuga-tuga pakita kay gubot kaayo ang show! LOL. I envy you because you have your own mansion, makapatuyang jud ug butang ug furniture, esp. a working desk. Among apartment diri gamay kaayo. Ayha ra mi mangutang ug balay kung naa na ko work and if permanent na mi sa place nga amo stay-han. We don't see ourselves living for good here in WI pa man gud. said...

wow. congratulations for the new job po.

you well deserved it. great setup for a home office din..


Mai said...

So true, sis Bless. It takes a lot of discipline and focus to be able to be successful being a work at home mom. I'm a transcriber too but not a medical one.i love your workspace. i would love to have one like that but i need to be always at the living room where I can watch my energetic and mischievous boys. congrats on the new job!

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