Sunday, February 24, 2013

Car Lift

I have a mechanically-inclined husband and I am very thankful with that. He do all vehicle maintenance with our vehicles and we save a lot for labor with it. He even overhauled my Ford Focus last year and put it back together. Now it is in good running condition. Other minor repair and fixes, hubby do it himself. I even told him he can make it his business later on if he like to fix cars. He can enroll for a short mechanic course so he can have his certificate and will be certified to fix cars. He dreamed of later on having most of the equipment and tools needed to fix cars. I am pretty sure if we do have enough space in our house where he can have a small shop to house a BendPak lift for vehicles, he would definitely get one. Right now he is only content of using the jack to lift the vehicles when he is trying to do some fixes underneath the autos. The lift would be a great tool to conveniently repair the vehicle without crawling. This is something that my husband would love to have.

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