Monday, February 18, 2013

Cold Day at the Park

Kids love to be at the park even if it's cold. Since I started working at home full-time with a shift from 12noon to 8:30pm schedule, I haven't brought the kids to a park or done any outdoor activities except during weekends. They have been asking me to go out to play during weekdays after school, but I just don't have the time. I feel guilty because I at home and they can see me, but I cannot be there for them due to my work. It is really tough. 

So yesterday, after church the weather was nice. The sun was up so I decided to bring them out to the small park in our neighborhood. They're the only kids playing there as it was nippy. They did not mind the cold and even use the park slides even if it was at first wet. I told the older daughter that it will eventually dry once she slides on it. 

I wish to change my time schedule in the near future so I can still have more time with the kids during the afternoon, especially that warm weather is approaching. They need to be out more than be in the house most of the time. They've increased their tv times because they need to be occupied while I have to concentrate with work. I am asking myself, really, if it is all worth it. My kids are the most important to me and I need to do something soon about my schedule.

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