Saturday, February 23, 2013

Navigation and Entertainment

Nowadays technology plays a big part in everyone's life. I can't say if life would still be the same without the gadgets and electronics we have right now in the market. These things give convenience and make life easy. So traveling with thick Atlas map or directions to go around is somewhat obsolete as there is already navigation system available that will direct you to where you want to go. 

I remember when we moved here in the west coast from the east coast in 2007 we have the Atlas map that we used on our journey. A navigation system is already available at that time, but we don't own one as it was a bit pricey at that time. As the years roll by, those navigation system is becoming affordable and new cars also can have a built in navigation system. 

In December, hubby surprised me of having a navigation and entertainment system for our vehicle. It has a lot of feature in it. Aside from its navigational capability, it has bluetooth for wireless calling, you can listen to music through radio or Pandora, watch movie when not driving, have USB port, and other cool features. Like other navigation system, I like it as it will also suggest routes if ever there will be heavy traffic along the way. This addition really boost the convenience of having your own ride to do errands as it is really necessary here in the US. My vehicle is not a luxury one but I am thankful that hubby made an effort of making it more convenient and comfortable for me and the girls to use and drive almost everyday. 

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