Saturday, February 23, 2013

Protecting Your Computer

In December while I was working a webpage pop up in my screen and I was wondering why it happened. The page that appeared was saying about my computer was being frozen because they found out I was doing some illegal activities or what not. It really shook me as I was only working on my shift and only doing research aside from my platform that was open.

The webpage looks really real and it says from the department of justice, blah, blah. When I tried to exit it, I was able to do so and I continued on with my work. After work, I shut the computer and tidied my desk. When morning came, I turned on the computer and the same webpage appear and I cannot exit or close it. I was in panic because my work shift will start in couple of hours. I called my husband about it and he came home to figure it out. We were not able to solve it, so I decided to research about it online using hubby's laptop. I found out that it was a malware and scamming people to pay a certain amount to unlock it.The amount to pay was high and I don't want to pay for it. Good thing there was a step by step instructions on youtube to unlock it. I was able to unlock it with the instruction and so glad there are people out there that shares their knowledge about it. 

Lesson learned for me is to really use antivirus to the fullest to protect your computer. Ever since we have a very good antivirus and was really wondering why that malware was able to infect our computer. My husband cleaned up our computer, updated the antivirus. I really suggested to my friends who are working through their computer to really make sure the computer is protected. I have a friend who have an online buisness and I know ESET Endpoint Antivirus at can greatly help in protecting her online business. Once those virus, malware, spyware, etc infects your computer, personal information is greatly compromised, and we cannot afford that right now as there are lots of crooks out there that would really take advantage at every opportunity. I am more vigilant now and always make sure I only go to sites that I know, reliable and I don't click emails from those that I do not know.

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jheylo said...

We heard so much about the viruses going on online and it is indeed important to protect our compter the best we can. I'm glad that you were able to fix your computer problema and you didn't have to pay anyone to do it.

Rcel said...

Viruses these days, those that attack our bodies and those that attack our computers have really evolved; they're getting more and more dangerous. I have been a victim of a virus infection and I was so traumatized by that incident. Now, I am hoping my antivirus software can protect me to the fullest.

seny said...

I agree! After what happened to my husband's account last year. I have been paranoid about online security. Good to know that your computer is now fix!

Jessica Cassidy said...

It drives me nuts when my computer froze and it took forever :-( I hate to wait that long. Virus protection is very important to our computer. It protects all the files in our computer :-)

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