Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carpet Cleaning and Steaming

Carpet cleaning is really very important for me as we have little kids in the house. We vacuum our carpet regularly but I think it is not enough and I wanted it steamed clean. My husband is already thinking of doing it by himself but has to wait until he can have days off as weekends usually will be busy days for errands and church.

On another note, I was thinking of having professional rug cleaners to do it instead of us doing it. That way it can be done sooner and sure will be thoroughly cleaned as they have the appropriate tools to use. Professional cleaners also know how to best clean the type of carpet we have to maintain its beauty and prolong its good use. Right now there are stains on the carpet and some particles that sticks to it, especially the heavily traffic area and where the kids always play. 

I am also interested in green carpet cleaning where they use biodegradable, non-toxic, organic products for cleaning solution. This is the best choice for sure when having little ones around. I found such services online but I am not sure if there are those that operates here in our area. I hope I will be able to find one as I will opt in having a green carpet cleaning than using harsh chemicals which not only affects the environment but is harmful to my kids as well.

VeggieTales - Incredible Vegetables

I have heard of VeggieTales way back but our kids haven't started watching it since last year. I happened to win a copy of VeggieTales' The League of Incredible Vegetables - A Lesson in Handling Fear in one of the giveaways that I entered in support of World Vision. When the girls started watching it, they were hooked into it and now started to collect DVDs of it and watch different episodes on Netflix. 

What I like about VeggieTales is that it is faith-based and teaches kids valuable life lessons and at the same time really make them smile. The kids can really learn good values in this show and develop emotional strength. They love all the characters of the show and when we go to the market and they'll see the veggies, they sometimes call it through the name in the show. Our soon-to-be 3-year-old is so into it right now. Even in the car, she likes to watch it over and over. She has been requesting to get the DVD of The Little House that Stood when we saw it at Walmart. I promised her I will get it for her if she will be good. So I will surprise her with the DVD on her birthday this coming month.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frecklebox Goodies

Early this year I won a giveaway hosted by a blogger friend. The price was a $30 e-gift card from frecklebox. I was thinking of sending a pitch letter to try and review their products, but since I won a giveaway, I settled for it. Frecklebox sent me the e-GC and finally was able to use early this month. I used the GC to get a personalized coloring books for our girls and a personalized story book for our kindergartner.

In fairness, frecklebox has a fast delivery. I received my order very quickly within the 3-5 business days period. My girls loved the goodies I got for them. They like the idea that their name appears on the book and it tells a story about them too. 

If you are looking for personalized gifts for kids or custom kids gifts alternatives, frecklebox has a lot of good products to offer. The story book is printed in a glossy durable material and the coloring books is of good quality as well. The kids would surely appreciate personalized gifts on any occasion. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Personalized Wedding Favors

During weddings, one of the things I am excited to know about is what would be the wedding favors that the couple will be giving out to their guests as a token of appreciation. I remember when my sisters and brother got married we were busy doing their wedding favors. It was a bit tiresome but we at least saved the labor expense for making it ourselves.

Nowadays where wedding planning and supply business is booming, you can find different services about wedding planning, making favors, bridal gown and entourage dresses rentals, venues, catering, and many others. To lessen the bride's stress of planning a wedding, they can hire a good planner to do all the works. But in choosing wedding favors that does not break the bank, it is still best to scout first different alternatives and several wedding favor makers. I am pretty sure there will be one that will suit the bride and groom's taste and budget.

Personalized wedding favors are the most popular ones. Some offers cheaper price if you get it in bulk. The more you buy, the lesser the price per favor. I like it now that you can go online and search for it.  You can also do personalization online and see what the product looks like virtually once you are done with designing. Those that love DIY, making their own favors, buying the supplies also in bulk can help lessen the expenses and cut the labor cost. Some love the idea as well of having their personal touch to the favors they want to giveaway.

Excited to see Chuck E Cheese

Yesterday we attended a birthday party of our kindergartner's twins classmate. The party was held at Chuck E Cheese and started at 8pm. It was kind of late and the mom of the twins said that it was the only available time she can get that day. I guess it works great too as there's not much people, less crowded, and it was like the whole place was all for us only. 

We arrived about 25 minutes late because we did not anticipate the traffic coming from Tukwila where Seafood City is at. Anyhow, when we got there the kids were not eating yet and they were playing at the arcade. Though there were only few of them they all had a blast and there's no competition with Chuck E's attention. The party ended few minutes before 10 and my girls sure did had a blast.

Chuck E Cheese is very popular with kids to play and in hosting birthday parties. I thought it is a good idea if you don't like to do all the dirty works in preparing for parties at home. But during busy weekends, where most of the parties are being held, the place can really get crowded; too noisy and too many kids. A friend of mine who had tried hosting her kids birthday in the same place vowed not to do it again as she got exhausted with the crowd, noise, and the not so wonderful service. I believe that because it was so busy that day the crew were having a hard time getting everything on time. But the place can be a good alternative place for having your kids birthday party.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quality Product Designer

Getting into online business is not really easy. I have been planning to do something on the side using the internet where I can be my own boss, but it is not easy. The first thing to consider is what type of business and conceptualizing the product design that will be the trademark of your business. Sounds so complicated to me. For those that already has the concept of the business to put up, a quality product designer can greatly help. An excellent product design is very vital to the success of the business thus a good designer is important. I saw cool designs from a designer at and I saw the uniqueness of the designs. As we are now in a technologically advanced era, there are also lots of graphic and product designers to choose from. The most important thing to consider though is who can give you the exact design of the products you want to serve to your target market.

Happy and Playing Together

It cannot be denied that there is always that sibling rivalry, may your kids are little or grown up already. When they are young, the jealousy comes with toys and parents attention and as they grow older still parents' attention is still a factor and other things. As a mom I can only hope that despite their differences when they are older, they will still love each other and happy with each other. I always pray that our kids will stay as sweet as they are now until they are grown up. 

I can sense that the older sister will always look after her little sister even though at times she can be a little tease too. She is very protective and I appreciate her a lot for that. When playing with other kids, the older one sees to it that her little sister is safe. She is also very diligent in keeping away small toys at home. She will always remind me to keep away the little toys that her baby sister might swallow. Just recently we bought them the little Lalaloopsy collections. It comes with small pieces and even though she like to play it, she keep all the little pieces in a container where her little sister cannot reach. It makes me a proud mom that she have that protective instinct, making me at ease when they are happy and playing together and I am not at their side. 

Knowing Your Car's Parts

It came across my mind the thought of what if I know how to fix cars or machines or have knowledge in electronics. I surely will be the cool girl in the neighborhood :-) I also imagined then that when our car broke down, I am the one fixing it. Yeah, I know, those are just but figment of my imagination. I don't have any understanding of how machine works in a broader sense. I only knew about few things that my husband taught me when he fixes our vehicle. I came across with piston rings, car's battery, cylinder, hydraulic valves, oxygen sensors, and few parts of the engine. I thought it is very interesting. And based on surveys, more and more female are now gearing towards mechanical works. I've seen more women that does welding, working in assembly line in manufacturing companies and jobs that really require manual labor. I know I can be serious in learning and knowing car parts and minor fixes. My husband is so willing to teach me in this aspect. I only need to pay attention when he is doing our car. This surely can add to the trades that I already know and can be handy in the future. 

Spring Cleaning

Daylight Saving Time just started on Sunday so this means spring is really here. Our weekend weather was nice but this weeks forecast is not as promising as we will have mostly cloudy and showers. Anyways, in as much as I felt I lost an hour of sleep yesterday, I was still very productive. I and the girls stayed home as DD1 was not feeling well, only hubby attended the Sunday service. While at home, I did multitasking. I turned on the live streaming of our church service while I was cooking lunch and cleaning at the same time. I dusted and polished all furniture but only changed the curtains in the formal living and dining rooms and changed the bedding in the master bedroom.

Last week I was able to arrange again the kids' closets and drawers and took out clothes that they cannot wear anymore. I still did not put away winter clothes as we still have cold temperatures and it is always raining here in our neck of the woods. Later this week, I may have to sort the clothes to be donated and to be given to friends and family. I really need to do this as some of my plastic containers for old clothes are now full, and then organizing the closet again in the spare room to fit the winter clothes and outerwear once the weather gets warmer. I am not done with my spring cleaning yet and I hope within this week I can make a lot of progress. Have you done your spring cleaning yet? 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Naughty and Fun Items Only at Spencer's

Online shopping is getting more popular nowadays because of its many advantages over conventional shopping. Many popular brands already have online shops in addition to their physical stores. Since I also do a lot of shopping, I make it a point to do my research on the online stores that people love. Those that they keep coming back to. One of the more popular online stores is Spencer's. They sell unique, fun, and cute items and have been doing that for decades all over the United States and Canada. Although their merchandise mainly appeals to teenagers and young adults, people of all ages will definitely appreciate what they have to offer. 

Among the items they sell are T-shirts, lingerie, accessories, wallets, bags, footwear, home accessories, board games and a lot more. Shoppers can look for stuff amongst the Stuff to Wear, Naughty, Fun and Games, Home and Dorm categories. I browsed through the whole store and saw some really interesting products. It turns out that not all their merchandise are for kids because there are those that are only for adults. Under the Naughty tab you will find items like lotions and potions, naughty novelty, things for men's pleasure etc. There are even portable stripper poles that can be easily assembled and taken down. The Naughty category also has Spencer's Gifts for Him and for Her. 

Spencer's ships to the US and Canada and to 220 countries all over the world. They have a reliable and secure site so customers need not worry about any information they divulge. Among the payment methods they accept are Paypal and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

First IKEA Visit

We've planned to go to IKEA, a Sweden-based home furnishing store, months ago but we finally went there on Saturday. It is about 35-minute drive from our place and good thing there was no traffic. We went the back way to avoid the traffic from the interstate. We got there after lunch and they have something going on. There was a Bring Your Own Friends event and also a celebrity designer was there for autograph signing and hosting a design workshop.

Since it was our first visit there, I was so overwhelmed of the setup inside the store. It is only a one story  building but is very vast. How I wish we went there way back before we moved in our own place to see different interior designs and low-cost home furnishings. 

IKEA Freebies
On another token, our first visit came in with a surprise too :-) They have kitchen renovation workshop and those that attended get a goodie bag full of Ikea stuff. Hubby was the one who participated and while I brought the kids to the resto for lunch. When he joined us I saw the red reusable bag in the cart. I checked what's inside and I saw a 6 glasses, a table placemat, notebook, pack of pens, disposable towels, and the kitchen dreambook. I so like the glass and it is very timely as we are also planning of getting new glasses as ours were broken. 

As we have plans of going back there again, we decided to join and become a member of the Ikea Family. It is free and they promised a lot of good deals for those who are members of the said store.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Enjoying the Nice Weather

On Monday the weather was really nice. Very sunny and not so cold. My kids were very happy as they saw Mr. Sun came out. When I dropped off the kindergartner at school, she already made a deal with me to play outside after school. I know they both are happy that I already resigned from my job, yes I already resigned and I will make a post of it later :-)

Anyways, since I am in no hurry to be home to be at my desk to work for 8 hours, we just walked the distance to the park within our community to meet our kindergartner. The school bus will drop them off at the bus stop near the park. I let DD2 brought a bucket and shovels to play with. Seeing my kids very happy to be able to get out and enjoy the sun justifies my resignation. As a Mom, we sacrifice a lot for our kids and it is all worth it. We stayed for few minutes with some friends' kids too and then went home have our lunch. It made me happy when they both thanked me for letting them stay outside and play and the most endearing to hear is when they said that "I am the best Mom ever," because I let them play outside. Those are their happiness, their simple joys, and if I was working that day, they will just be confined in our house and only see the nice weather from the inside. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Library Visit on a Saturday

Many times in the past that I wanted to bring the kids to the library, but there is always something that will hinder it. Then this past Saturday I told hubby that we should get the kids their library cards and start bringing them there. It's been long overdue and I cannot wait for another time to go there. So then, we went there on Saturday. We got their cards and we borrowed books. We have until the end of this month to return all those books that we've borrowed. 

It was also a great timing since there were Target volunteers that spearheaded the Reading is Fun program in honor of Dr. Seuss birthday. There were kids that read stories aloud. They also have fun and games for the kids, as well as handouts and souvenirs for the kids to bring home. It was a fun-filled Saturday for our 2 girls that is now planning to go back there again. 

Library here in the US is really great to go to as they offered a lot of services to the community. Not only you can borrow books but also borrow movies and use the computer. You can also print for free but with certain number of papers per month. As the economy is really hard, more and more people are going to the library to borrow books or movies instead of buying or renting. They also offers a lot of educational services for everyone. 

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