Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carpet Cleaning and Steaming

Carpet cleaning is really very important for me as we have little kids in the house. We vacuum our carpet regularly but I think it is not enough and I wanted it steamed clean. My husband is already thinking of doing it by himself but has to wait until he can have days off as weekends usually will be busy days for errands and church.

On another note, I was thinking of having professional rug cleaners to do it instead of us doing it. That way it can be done sooner and sure will be thoroughly cleaned as they have the appropriate tools to use. Professional cleaners also know how to best clean the type of carpet we have to maintain its beauty and prolong its good use. Right now there are stains on the carpet and some particles that sticks to it, especially the heavily traffic area and where the kids always play. 

I am also interested in green carpet cleaning where they use biodegradable, non-toxic, organic products for cleaning solution. This is the best choice for sure when having little ones around. I found such services online but I am not sure if there are those that operates here in our area. I hope I will be able to find one as I will opt in having a green carpet cleaning than using harsh chemicals which not only affects the environment but is harmful to my kids as well.

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jheylo said...

This is something that we've been considering for a while now but we just don't have time to do it. Carpet cleaning means we have to move all our stuff and at least stay in a hotel for a night.

SheyLuvz said...

A carpet cleaning services from a reliable company is a good idea to hire once in a while to clean the whole place and removed all the dust mites and other particles that sticks on the rug and carpet.

Rcel said...

Carpet cleaning is a must in our home because of my being asthmatic. The dust and anything dirty is a trigger to my episode. I am thankful that Jon regularly cleans our floor.

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