Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Enjoying the Nice Weather

On Monday the weather was really nice. Very sunny and not so cold. My kids were very happy as they saw Mr. Sun came out. When I dropped off the kindergartner at school, she already made a deal with me to play outside after school. I know they both are happy that I already resigned from my job, yes I already resigned and I will make a post of it later :-)

Anyways, since I am in no hurry to be home to be at my desk to work for 8 hours, we just walked the distance to the park within our community to meet our kindergartner. The school bus will drop them off at the bus stop near the park. I let DD2 brought a bucket and shovels to play with. Seeing my kids very happy to be able to get out and enjoy the sun justifies my resignation. As a Mom, we sacrifice a lot for our kids and it is all worth it. We stayed for few minutes with some friends' kids too and then went home have our lunch. It made me happy when they both thanked me for letting them stay outside and play and the most endearing to hear is when they said that "I am the best Mom ever," because I let them play outside. Those are their happiness, their simple joys, and if I was working that day, they will just be confined in our house and only see the nice weather from the inside. 

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Rcel said...

I can't believe winter looks that good over there, Bless! Ang winter nga akong nasanayan na kay all-white. As in taga-tuhod pa jud among snow diri karon oi. Nag-snow pa pud gahapon ug this morning. Pero so far, wala na sa forecast. I hope di na ko makakita ug snow forecast and every ice on the ground will melt na. :D

BPC hop! Lami na kay na-enjoy ninyo ang outside. 50 years na mi wa kaadto ug playground ba. Lol.

emzkie said...

wow ka nice kay naay park dira duol sa inyuha mommy bless. naa pud diri pero kapuyan man ko mubaklay oi. hehe.. tamad kaau ko. so sa tugkaran lang ni sila ga dula, usahay mu drive ko didto sa lau park para maka play sila, minus baktas, pero ga burn ug gas man pud. hehe

BPC hop ko

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