Sunday, March 17, 2013

Excited to see Chuck E Cheese

Yesterday we attended a birthday party of our kindergartner's twins classmate. The party was held at Chuck E Cheese and started at 8pm. It was kind of late and the mom of the twins said that it was the only available time she can get that day. I guess it works great too as there's not much people, less crowded, and it was like the whole place was all for us only. 

We arrived about 25 minutes late because we did not anticipate the traffic coming from Tukwila where Seafood City is at. Anyhow, when we got there the kids were not eating yet and they were playing at the arcade. Though there were only few of them they all had a blast and there's no competition with Chuck E's attention. The party ended few minutes before 10 and my girls sure did had a blast.

Chuck E Cheese is very popular with kids to play and in hosting birthday parties. I thought it is a good idea if you don't like to do all the dirty works in preparing for parties at home. But during busy weekends, where most of the parties are being held, the place can really get crowded; too noisy and too many kids. A friend of mine who had tried hosting her kids birthday in the same place vowed not to do it again as she got exhausted with the crowd, noise, and the not so wonderful service. I believe that because it was so busy that day the crew were having a hard time getting everything on time. But the place can be a good alternative place for having your kids birthday party.

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Learning to Sew Mama said...

Even its a little late what matter the most is the kids had fun! You take care!


Rcel said...

Bet it was really fun! The secret to have those kids enjoy the time is to let them take a nap from 5pm to 7pm! LOL. Wala man mi Chuck E Cheese diri oi, wa pa natauran! LOL.

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