Sunday, March 10, 2013

First IKEA Visit

We've planned to go to IKEA, a Sweden-based home furnishing store, months ago but we finally went there on Saturday. It is about 35-minute drive from our place and good thing there was no traffic. We went the back way to avoid the traffic from the interstate. We got there after lunch and they have something going on. There was a Bring Your Own Friends event and also a celebrity designer was there for autograph signing and hosting a design workshop.

Since it was our first visit there, I was so overwhelmed of the setup inside the store. It is only a one story  building but is very vast. How I wish we went there way back before we moved in our own place to see different interior designs and low-cost home furnishings. 

IKEA Freebies
On another token, our first visit came in with a surprise too :-) They have kitchen renovation workshop and those that attended get a goodie bag full of Ikea stuff. Hubby was the one who participated and while I brought the kids to the resto for lunch. When he joined us I saw the red reusable bag in the cart. I checked what's inside and I saw a 6 glasses, a table placemat, notebook, pack of pens, disposable towels, and the kitchen dreambook. I so like the glass and it is very timely as we are also planning of getting new glasses as ours were broken. 

As we have plans of going back there again, we decided to join and become a member of the Ikea Family. It is free and they promised a lot of good deals for those who are members of the said store.

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Learning to Sew Mama said...

I like Ikea too. They have lots of cheap and cute stuff.

Adin B said...

I have always wanted to go shop at IKEA mommy, but we don't have it near us. I am so interested in shopping at that store. Nice goodies in the goodie bag. :) Thanks for linking up mommy.

Rcel said...

I wish we have ab Ikea store nearby! I love their products tapos affordable pa jud. Online ra ko maka-check out sa ila and too bad mahal kaayo ang shipping if bought online.

Nice freebies those are Bless!

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