Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frecklebox Goodies

Early this year I won a giveaway hosted by a blogger friend. The price was a $30 e-gift card from frecklebox. I was thinking of sending a pitch letter to try and review their products, but since I won a giveaway, I settled for it. Frecklebox sent me the e-GC and finally was able to use early this month. I used the GC to get a personalized coloring books for our girls and a personalized story book for our kindergartner.

In fairness, frecklebox has a fast delivery. I received my order very quickly within the 3-5 business days period. My girls loved the goodies I got for them. They like the idea that their name appears on the book and it tells a story about them too. 

If you are looking for personalized gifts for kids or custom kids gifts alternatives, frecklebox has a lot of good products to offer. The story book is printed in a glossy durable material and the coloring books is of good quality as well. The kids would surely appreciate personalized gifts on any occasion. 

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Rcel said...

I am seeing someone who's enjoying those goodies! Ako kay wa na ko baliki ni Frecklebox. Ni-contact naman unto to, wa naman nibalik. Nakalmit na pud ko. Bahala sila! LOL.

Nicena imo Bless kay winning, not need to a review na! ;-)

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