Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy and Playing Together

It cannot be denied that there is always that sibling rivalry, may your kids are little or grown up already. When they are young, the jealousy comes with toys and parents attention and as they grow older still parents' attention is still a factor and other things. As a mom I can only hope that despite their differences when they are older, they will still love each other and happy with each other. I always pray that our kids will stay as sweet as they are now until they are grown up. 

I can sense that the older sister will always look after her little sister even though at times she can be a little tease too. She is very protective and I appreciate her a lot for that. When playing with other kids, the older one sees to it that her little sister is safe. She is also very diligent in keeping away small toys at home. She will always remind me to keep away the little toys that her baby sister might swallow. Just recently we bought them the little Lalaloopsy collections. It comes with small pieces and even though she like to play it, she keep all the little pieces in a container where her little sister cannot reach. It makes me a proud mom that she have that protective instinct, making me at ease when they are happy and playing together and I am not at their side. 

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jheylo said...

Aawww! what a sweet big sister you have mami bless. She will surely make sure her lil sissy is protected as they grow older. that's nice for a siblings.

Shydub said...

Same here i wish that my kids will grow love each other and look out for one another. i thik the sibling rivalry still gonna be there until they grow but as long as they know they're love fairly they are fine.

Mel Cole said...

what sweet sisters! it's inspiring to see siblings who are close to each other.

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