Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Knowing Your Car's Parts

It came across my mind the thought of what if I know how to fix cars or machines or have knowledge in electronics. I surely will be the cool girl in the neighborhood :-) I also imagined then that when our car broke down, I am the one fixing it. Yeah, I know, those are just but figment of my imagination. I don't have any understanding of how machine works in a broader sense. I only knew about few things that my husband taught me when he fixes our vehicle. I came across with piston rings, car's battery, cylinder, hydraulic valves, oxygen sensors, and few parts of the engine. I thought it is very interesting. And based on surveys, more and more female are now gearing towards mechanical works. I've seen more women that does welding, working in assembly line in manufacturing companies and jobs that really require manual labor. I know I can be serious in learning and knowing car parts and minor fixes. My husband is so willing to teach me in this aspect. I only need to pay attention when he is doing our car. This surely can add to the trades that I already know and can be handy in the future. 

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