Monday, March 4, 2013

Library Visit on a Saturday

Many times in the past that I wanted to bring the kids to the library, but there is always something that will hinder it. Then this past Saturday I told hubby that we should get the kids their library cards and start bringing them there. It's been long overdue and I cannot wait for another time to go there. So then, we went there on Saturday. We got their cards and we borrowed books. We have until the end of this month to return all those books that we've borrowed. 

It was also a great timing since there were Target volunteers that spearheaded the Reading is Fun program in honor of Dr. Seuss birthday. There were kids that read stories aloud. They also have fun and games for the kids, as well as handouts and souvenirs for the kids to bring home. It was a fun-filled Saturday for our 2 girls that is now planning to go back there again. 

Library here in the US is really great to go to as they offered a lot of services to the community. Not only you can borrow books but also borrow movies and use the computer. You can also print for free but with certain number of papers per month. As the economy is really hard, more and more people are going to the library to borrow books or movies instead of buying or renting. They also offers a lot of educational services for everyone. 

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emzkie said...

going to the library is always fun! they always have something for little ones. here sa among dapit naay story telling in the evening and morning every monday. nindot kaau kay free learning sa mga bata. =) reminds me.. naa diay koy mga overdue books. aguy!

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Rcel said...

Maayo pa mo kay nakahirit adto sa library. Kami wala na since school started. Wala na time kay Monday to Friday ang school ni Triz, Saturday we are at church, Sunday lang among leisure day. Naa man pud nuon library sa church pero si Triz mohangyo usahay kay mangita ug movies about horses. LOL. We should visit the lib one of these days. It is a perfect place for kids jud!

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Kambyo ta sa ulan ug snow namo diri Bless? KUK

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