Sunday, March 17, 2013

Personalized Wedding Favors

During weddings, one of the things I am excited to know about is what would be the wedding favors that the couple will be giving out to their guests as a token of appreciation. I remember when my sisters and brother got married we were busy doing their wedding favors. It was a bit tiresome but we at least saved the labor expense for making it ourselves.

Nowadays where wedding planning and supply business is booming, you can find different services about wedding planning, making favors, bridal gown and entourage dresses rentals, venues, catering, and many others. To lessen the bride's stress of planning a wedding, they can hire a good planner to do all the works. But in choosing wedding favors that does not break the bank, it is still best to scout first different alternatives and several wedding favor makers. I am pretty sure there will be one that will suit the bride and groom's taste and budget.

Personalized wedding favors are the most popular ones. Some offers cheaper price if you get it in bulk. The more you buy, the lesser the price per favor. I like it now that you can go online and search for it.  You can also do personalization online and see what the product looks like virtually once you are done with designing. Those that love DIY, making their own favors, buying the supplies also in bulk can help lessen the expenses and cut the labor cost. Some love the idea as well of having their personal touch to the favors they want to giveaway.

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Rcel said...

Personalized wedding favors rock! I saw one, that of my BIL's wedding. He is a doctor and the wife is a nurse, theirs was really a hit! It was medically-themed. Lol. As for me, nada! I had the cheapest and simplest civil wedding ever! Haha.

jheylo said...

Personalize items is always nice and very special, these wedding tokens are cute and unique. I don't think i've seen something like this yet in those weddings I've attended.

Jessica Cassidy said...

I never have a wedding favors when I got married :-( I remember when I was single, I always love to collect wedding favors :-) I never catch a bouquet though :-)

SheyLuvz said...

I used to be like that too, I was looking forward for the wedding favors. There times in my life when I was collecting wedding favors because at that year i think i had attended a bunch of weddings and even helped with my friends wedding favors.

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