Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Daylight Saving Time just started on Sunday so this means spring is really here. Our weekend weather was nice but this weeks forecast is not as promising as we will have mostly cloudy and showers. Anyways, in as much as I felt I lost an hour of sleep yesterday, I was still very productive. I and the girls stayed home as DD1 was not feeling well, only hubby attended the Sunday service. While at home, I did multitasking. I turned on the live streaming of our church service while I was cooking lunch and cleaning at the same time. I dusted and polished all furniture but only changed the curtains in the formal living and dining rooms and changed the bedding in the master bedroom.

Last week I was able to arrange again the kids' closets and drawers and took out clothes that they cannot wear anymore. I still did not put away winter clothes as we still have cold temperatures and it is always raining here in our neck of the woods. Later this week, I may have to sort the clothes to be donated and to be given to friends and family. I really need to do this as some of my plastic containers for old clothes are now full, and then organizing the closet again in the spare room to fit the winter clothes and outerwear once the weather gets warmer. I am not done with my spring cleaning yet and I hope within this week I can make a lot of progress. Have you done your spring cleaning yet? 

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