Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VeggieTales - Incredible Vegetables

I have heard of VeggieTales way back but our kids haven't started watching it since last year. I happened to win a copy of VeggieTales' The League of Incredible Vegetables - A Lesson in Handling Fear in one of the giveaways that I entered in support of World Vision. When the girls started watching it, they were hooked into it and now started to collect DVDs of it and watch different episodes on Netflix. 

What I like about VeggieTales is that it is faith-based and teaches kids valuable life lessons and at the same time really make them smile. The kids can really learn good values in this show and develop emotional strength. They love all the characters of the show and when we go to the market and they'll see the veggies, they sometimes call it through the name in the show. Our soon-to-be 3-year-old is so into it right now. Even in the car, she likes to watch it over and over. She has been requesting to get the DVD of The Little House that Stood when we saw it at Walmart. I promised her I will get it for her if she will be good. So I will surprise her with the DVD on her birthday this coming month.

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Rcel said...

Triz loves VeggieTales Bless. Indeed a nice collection for kids!

Was here for BPC!

emzkie said...

ganahan pud kaau si clayton ani. cge ni niya tan aw sa iyang Nabi tablet. naa mani didto, tapos naay mga games, ug videos pud. kaya lang maka irita ang tingog oi. hehehehe high pitch kaau. lol

BPC hop!

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