Sunday, April 14, 2013

Glad the Party is Over!

Yes, I am very glad that the 2-in-1 party for our girls birthday is over. We decided to have a joint celebration of our girls birthdays even though it is a month apart. Our youngest birthday is today and the eldest on May but since [hopefully] we will be on vacation next month we had the birthday party yesterday instead, Saturday.

We did not do a big celebration but invited few of our good friends with kids their ages over for lunch. The celebration turned out great. The kids had fun and the Moms had a great time as well chit-chatting. The last visitors went home around 10pm.  I realized that having the party to start early is good as it will also end early. Most of all the kids were not cranky yet as 12 noon is lunch time and not nap time for them. 

Last year we rented a 5-in-1 bounce house as the weather was pretty nice. Yesterday's forecast was rainy and it was, so we are glad we did not rent this time. We just did few games inside the house and the rest were spent playing in the toy room and watching kiddie shows. Most of all, I am happy that our girls were happy on their celebration.

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Gven-Rose said...

preparing a party isn't easy especially if it is a kiddie party, anyway good thing the party is over..:-) by the way, yummy foods..

Anonymous said...

Preparing for a birthday party indeed a lot of work and very tiring. I can feel you mommy. I think next birthday, we might just celebrate it at a restaurant.

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