Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Facade of Seattle Center

It has been a while that we were back at Seattle Center during day time. They've been doing a lot of reconstruction and renovation inside the center as well as outside and have added more attractions. I noticed that they added a name of the center and now became Seattle Center Armory. If you think this is a kind of military museum you are mistaken as it is a multi-center with food court inside and having food selections ranging from Starbucks, pies, some ethnic cuisine, Mod pizza, and other local favorites. Accordingly, there will be more restaurants that really offers good eats to be opened this summer. 

The Armory still preserved the stage inside and almost every week also there is happening such as cultural presentations and other activities for the community. Underneath it is still the Children's Museum. The round donut-like sculpture outside with the name of the center is an added sight and also a good subject of photography for many tourists or visitors in the center including myself.

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