Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beautiful Saturday

This weekend and for the coming days we will have a nice, sunny weather. Our temperature is in the 70's and we are liking the outdoors. We had a great Saturday. We all woke up and got ready early. We decided to have brunch in a restaurant as we really didn't feel like cooking. Hubby thought of going to IHOP but instead we went to Old Country Buffet. They have all-American breakfast that is being served until 11 a.m. For all 4 of us we only paid $19+ and we had a military discount.

After the brunch we did errands and then went to an Air Force Base Exchange. We did not know that there's an event going on. There was a Dog Show. People bringing their pets and there were contests as well for pets who have great tricks. There was also a presentation from the county sheriff department with their K-9 bomb squad team. The police officer handler of the bomb sniffing dog was also there and demonstrated how the dog search for any explosives. It was really amazing how the dog spotted the target and sits on it and waits for his treat.

While watching, we were also given a raffle ticket for some prizes. Both our girls' tickets were chosen. So they were able to spin for a price and won grab bags. We got two grab bags and we are going to give the other bag to our friend who have a pet so they can use it as well. We enjoyed the pet show, especially seeing different pets and their tricks. 

Our day ended with the kids playing outside with the neighbors kids. A neighbor had an inflatable swimming pool for kids set up outside and the kids were playing water gun and then went around the block driving. Tomorrow will be another sunny day and we will be going to watch the Tacoma Marathon as our Daddy will be there running/ This will be his third year running for this marathon and we are very proud of him.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about your family fun day mommy Bless. We had fun too yesterday, my husband and I were busy doing our front yard. It was fun.

jheylo said...

we all have to make good use of the wonderful weather :D we don't get it often so when the sunshine is bright we have do play outdoor or do some outdoor family actitivities

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

what a lucky kids, they get to see the dog show off its talent and came home a prizes in hand. Our weather too is getting better, 70s, 60, these are nice temp and I hope it will get better.

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