Friday, May 17, 2013

DC Clamp Ammeter for the Home

Having a mechanically and electrically-inclined husband is a good thing. We are saving money for car repairs since he is the one doing it and we will just buy the parts. When it comes to electric repairs, of course it is a must to go for the professional. But on another note, my husband wanted to learn and become certified once he retires from the service so he can do any electrical repairs and installations in our home. Being a homeowner this type of skills is also a good thing.

When my husband installed the new lighting and ceiling fan in the house, he also bought some tools to make sure he is doing the right thing, like electrical sensor for testing the electrical current before taking out the old ones and also making sure everything is good to go before he replace the light fixture. He was thinking of later on getting a portable dc clamp ammeter for the home for future use. I am so anal about any electrical lines in the house not properly installed as we all know that faulty electrical wiring can cause fire and total damage of any properties. 

I have seen online about Swain meter instruments, like the clamp on ammeters in picture above, that can measure the magnitude and direction of DC current flow on any conductor with precision. It can accurately read the current from 5mA to 200 amps with a resolution of 1mA in the 0-2Amp range. With Swain, they make sure all their meters are build by capable technician by hand and calibrate it with precision, that is according to exact specifications. This will be a great tool for my husband to use as it is portable and is one of kind once he will become a certified electrician. 

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jheylo said...

My husband has this kind of tool, he's a mechanic and he works with the big busses and he has to have this kind of tool.

seny said...

I am the same as you are. That is why I always suggest to the husband that we hire somebody to do this kind of job.

Shay Dub said...

I agree, a husband that knows about repairs and stuff makes us feel safe and comfortable because when you are in the middle of nowhere and your car break down, your husband knows what to do. It is also important to have the tools like this clamp. There was one time we went to the mall and our car engine not running. good thing we were at the parking lot and we able to borrow a clamp from one of the people there.

Jessica Cassidy said...

We have that in our house Mommy Bless :-) My husband used it recently when he connect the electricity from the garage to the chicken coop. It is one greatest tool that my husband does.

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