Friday, May 24, 2013

Mall Play Area

The mall's play area is one helpful place for shoppers with kids. We know that kids easily gets bored when mommies are shopping. Good thing is, when they starts to get antsy and cranky we can just bring them to the play area and have them release their energy and cure their boredom. They get to run around, climb, hop and jump and slide. 

Last Tuesday, after being bored at home because of the gloomy weather, we decided to drive to the mall and just walk around. It's our exercise as well as it is nippy to walk around the parks' trail. After we did a full circle around the mall and checked out some shops, we brought the kids to the play area. There were only few kids playing as it is already past 6 pm. Our girls were happy and played for a good 30 minutes then we decided to head home. 

Our youngest was the one so excited as she can now run around the place without me always minding her not to do this and that coz she's very little. She said she is already a big girl and she can do what her big sissy can do too. 

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Anonymous said...

That was nice when you guys can go out at the mall to explore and let the kids play for once in a while. We love to do it too, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people at the mall near us. So, mostly we have to go to a park instead.

jheylo said...

She does look very happy and i bet she had a blast hehhehe. We do that too especially when the weather is unpleasant, we go for indoor playground at the Mall.

Pinx said...

We only go out to the mall (which is a small one) every time I am off at work early. Plus, the malls here don't have a play area for kids... :( so instead of heading out to the mall, we just go walking and head out to Lake Ontario and let the little boys play in the many playgrounds around the lake. Anyway, your little princess is a cutie!

Rcel said...

Yes, the mall play area is indeed a savior! Ako though, I have never let Triz play in there too. Di man pud sya modula gud. Usually, we go shopping together, if mang-reklamo na sila kay kapoy na tuyok tuyok while ang shopaholic mamang energized pa, akoa sila ipalayas, ipapangita ug lingaw and I'll just call them if I am done shopping. Most of the times, it worked when Tiara wasn't around yet. Now, not anymore because even if I can go out alone, akong huna-huna di man mahimutang kung magdugay ko so always on a rush japon akong shopping. Mamahood, eh? Lol.

Shydub said...

Your mall play area looks colorful. why mn stars diha? The play area in the mall always of destination when we visit the mall. I can just sit there and watch the kids playing. Our play area diri ky bridges that represent the three bridges in pittsburgh.

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