Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Girls Won a Kid's Tractor

Last Saturday, May 4th, we went to an Air Force Base and they have a pet show there. During the pet show the organizer also have raffle going on and the price would be a kid's tractor. We don't know what the tractor looks like so we did not bother about it. But before we left, the lady, one of the organizers told us if we wanted to enter for the raffle. Hubby said sure and he filled up the small forms that they have and put our eldest daughter's name. 

Yesterday one of the managers at the Air Force Exchange called and told us that our daughter won the kid's tractor. We were very thrilled. We told the girls about it and they're very excited as well. We went to the Exchange and picked up the tractor. We both drove our vehicle as hubby anticipated it is a big one. He asked the manager and she said it is a little long because they assembled it already. 

The raffle was sponsored by Purina, the popular maker of pet foods. We are very happy and so lucky that we won the prize. Our girls now have something they can drive around the neighborhood aside from their bicycles. 

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jheylo said...

Oh! how cool. Congratulation baby for winning that tractor :D you sure have an ear-to-ear smile because you are so lucky to own it

Anonymous said...

yay! What a lucky girl to win this awesome kid tractor! She is so cute on her new tractor by the way! She surely loved it so much!

April M. said...

what a lucky baby to have won such a cute tractor.:)

Chubskulit Rose said...

That is awesome, congratulations beautiful girls! Look how happy she is!

Mary Anne Vinzon said...

Your daughter was so lucky for winning such kind of prize. It's good that your hubby tried his luck to fill up the form. Congrats to your daughter, she really loves her kid's tractor.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Congrats sweetie pie on winning this vehicle :) You can ride it all over your yard :-) Congrats Mommy Bless

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