Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Break Up…

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes.

I think you learn a lot about a person by living with them. When my girlfriend and I decided to move in together it was a more of a monetary thing – I was buying this house regardless and instead of taking on a real roommate, I decided it made more sense for her to just move in and pay me for the mortgage. It was working out great for the first few weeks but I have to say, I think that was the honeymoon period. After a while I got tired of picking up her dirty laundry and worrying over whether or not she’d actually gone to to see if we had the lowest energy rates possible. I didn’t like the way she didn’t tell me what time she’d be home and she never, ever cooked. Isn’t that supposed to be the woman’s job…cooking!? Anyway, she started pressuring me after we moved in together to get engaged and that was enough for me. I loved her but she was really starting to grate on me and I knew I had to end it pretty quickly. The problem is, once you live with someone it’s much harder to break up; I guess that’s why everyone tells you not to live with someone unless you know you’re going to get married. That’s one piece of advice I sure wish I had taken! Anyway, I loved Sheila but I’m really glad we broke up. I think it was tough in the short term and it was certainly awkward having to help her move all her stuff out of the house but at the end of the day we just weren’t right for each other and I know she wasn’t all that happy, either. She’s going to be better off with whoever she ends up with because I wasn’t the right guy for her. No one wants to live in a house where you’re fighting all the time and that includes me!

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