Monday, May 6, 2013

Unpacking Unopened Boxes

When we were moving the unpacking was the most tiring to do. Good thing with our big stuffs, the movers were able to help us put it in the right rooms so lifting it by ourselves was less stressful. For most of the boxes we opened it of course with the help of box cutters. Those are our handy-dandy tool the whole time we unpacked. 

But like other people who are on the move a lot, military families, we still have unopened boxes stored. Mostly are books and some linens that I know we will not be using often. But gladly we labeled each boxes so finding stuff is not that hard. 

A friend of mine who just moved to Korea for their permanent duty station told me that in few weeks she will be very busy unpacking. Their things were shipped over there and will arrive in few more weeks. I can feel her and I maybe next year we will be doing the same if we will move to another duty station. If that happens, our unopened boxes will not be opened again and will be moved to another duty station.

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