Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yoga as Physical Exercise

Before I got pregnant with our first child, I attended yoga in our apartment complex. They have different exercise classes and I thought yoga would be nice to practice. At first I was really exhausted as you have to make sure you have the correct posture and concentration. Nowadays, yoga is associated more on as physical exercise. In the ancient times, it is known as the physical, mental, and spiritual discipline and even called as the "union with the divine." 

A friend of mine asks me many times to go with her doing yoga. She is attending a bikram yoga sessions and she said it is really a good physical conditioning. I would love to join her one day, and this means I have to get my yoga mat a yoga mat strap as mine is torn. I think this is what I need now as I really need to have mental and spiritual conditioning also not just physical. The stress of the body can really consume us if we don't act on de-stressing. 

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Makoy said...

I have a chronic back problem and I think yoga can do its wonders on me.

Jessica Cassidy said...

I really want to work out soon :-) I have not tried yoga but with a yoga mat like this, will help me start to a healthy life style :-)

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