Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smokeless Cigarettes | Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes that take the shame out of the game for smokers. No more of the terrible tobacco smell while they offend people passing by. Smokers no longer have to worry about whether an establishment allows smoking or not before making plans with friends and family, or in turn, finding themselves standing outside and missing half of the event to enjoy their favorite habit. 

Electronic cigarettes also do not contain all of the carcinogens that come with smoking the average tar-based cigarette, which could possibly mean much less damage to the person's health all while maintaining the same quality nicotine fix and pleasurable feeling that comes from smoking. Just like picking a brand of regular cigarettes, there are many places to get electronic cigarettes, and each person is likely to develop a loyalty to a particular electronic cigarette manufacturer. 

Not all products are created equally though. Smokeless cigarettes at is a great place to try different varieties and start to identify what kind of cigarettes will be your new best friend. Affordable prices and good shipping options make sure that getting eCigs won't be any more difficult than grabbing a pack from the local convenience store.

Saturday Fun at the Water Park

The weather forecast we have for this weekend and for next week will be hot with temperature in the 80's to 90's. This is accordingly due to the heat wave going on here in the west coast areas. For sure this will be fun time to go out and be in the water. So, we brought the kids to the water park inside Ft. Lewis this afternoon. Lots of people were in there enjoying the cool water. The park is not that huge but enough for the kids to enjoy different sprouts. There is also a nearby play park and sheds for for picnics. We will be going there again next week for some fun again. It's the best way to beat the heat for sure. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Custom Made Guitars | Luthiers Collection

When an aspiring musician picks up their first guitar, they may be fairly clueless about how it’s made, what makes it a good instrument, or what is needed to produce the best sound. As they learn how to play and possibly style themselves after their favorite musicians, it’s only natural they learn more about the instrument itself and what constitutes a “good” guitar and which ones produce the kind of sound they are looking for. 

More and more musicians are looking to have custom made instruments from well-known and sought after builders. There are Luthiers collection custom made guitars that allow musicians to own a custom made instrument without the long wait and at competitive prices. Their guitars are handcrafted and made to produce music of all kinds of styles. 

A custom made guitar makes for an amazing gift for the musician in your life. They are one of a kind creations that produce rich sounds that are sure to please any musician, from the beginner to the experienced. With builders like Jeff Traugott, Kim Walker, Ervin Somogyi, “Grit” Laskin, Jim Olson, Linda Manzer, and more, there is sure to be a custom guitar creator your musician would love to own an instrument from. Surprise them with a great present they will adore and use for years to come. Whether it’s to add to a collection or to get an interested music lover started, it will be a treasured gift they will be thanking you for years for.

A Simple Wish | Great Princess Party Venue

I mentioned in my other blog that our girls were invited in a princess themed birthday party. The venue was the party place strictly for princess themed birthday party or tea party for little girls. The place is located about 25 minutes away from us. 

The place is really dainty. Not so big at all. It is painted yellow outside and pink and yellow inside with white trims and pink entrance door. When you enter, there is a small area where they display different souvenirs, accessories and costumes. On the other side is the long dining table; then the hall with a stage and on the left side a wall mirror, kids little play area, a reading corner and then on the right side a sitting area as well as craft table. Behind the stage is the dressing area, small kitchen, and restroom. 

I love the activities they lined up for the little girls. Very exciting for the princesses to join every activity. Below are some of the pictures I took during the party. 

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Park Tuesdays | Summer Activity

Being it's summer break already, I intended every Tuesdays, given a good weather, to be our park day. I am going to bring the kids to parks near us during this day. We started the other week. The weather was good and although it was cloudy but not windy so I brought the girls to the park in our neighborhood. This past Tuesday we were not able to because it was raining. Hopefully, this coming week our forecast temperature will be in the 80's so it is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cher on the Voice | Of Human Hair Wigs

The Voice is one of the most popular talent competition shows on television, but no one expected all attention to turn from singing to wigs when Cher entered the stage to play her new single during the season finale. Cher has been long known to wear creative and outrageous head wear, but she and her fellow dancers wowed the crowd with wigs that defied all explanation. 

Cher herself wore a head piece that some claimed looked like a feral dog while others thought it resembled a less-than-energetic cockatoo. Other dancer's wigs ranged from a giant pile of cotton candy to frizz only an electrocution could create. Despite the strange appearances, fans loved Cher's performance and her choice of style. It's that kind of creativity and bravery that's made her a fan favorite for decades. 

Artists and performers aren't the only people who can benefit from creative wigs. Stylish and unique hair can bring out a person's personality and help them feel unique when their regular hair just won't cut it. Human hair wigs from allow women to show off different colors, densities, textures and lengths. These wigs are great for all different occasions. Even though beauty is most essential on the inside, appearances are still important in our modern world. 

Cher may be a great singing talent, but it would be hard to argue that she would maintain the same star power if she didn't make creative fashion choices throughout her career.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ring Stix - My Prize from a Giveaway

I won this Ring Stix game set in one of the giveaways at My Daily Ramblings. I entered the giveaway because I thought this is a unique way playing and I am pretty sure the family can enjoy. So fortunate that I won one set and now I have it in my hand already. We haven't started playing it yet. I have 2 small kids and this is advisable for ages 10-100. Hopefully when the raining stops here in our neck of the woods then I can persuade the husband to play with me in our backyard. I know my girls would love to try this but I will see if it they can handle the running and catching part of this game and if it is really safe for them to play this. I found this information below about this Ring Stix.

RingStix Overview 

Fun outdoor game 
Takes 2 to 5 minutes to learn 
Recommended age 10 to 100 
A great game to get outside 
Have fun wherever you are 
Newest ring tossing and outdoor game 
Looks cool and enjoyed by many 
Works well in the wind 
Can be played anywhere 


Get outside and enjoy the exercise 
Socialize with family and friends 
Improves hand and eye coordination 
Easy to pick up without bending down 
More excitement by increased speed 
Add tricks and create games

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Custom Made Floor Mat for the Garage

One of my husband's wish is to have a heavy duty floor mat for our garage. The concrete floor right now have some cracks, the result of the house still settling in due to its brand new construction. The builder had the cracks sealed and so the husband wanted to cover it up with a custom made floor mats that will not only protect the floor but also to make the garage less cold during winter time.

One of our neighbors have custom made mats for their garage and we thought it is a good one. I think they had it installed from one of the home stores in our area. Maybe this will be my next project to surprise the husband. Another on his wish list with regards to sprucing up the garage is to paint it. Three gallons of paint will be needed for it so it will be an inexpensive project to tackle later on.

Throw Down - A Gro Project from Miracle-Gro

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.
Sometime in May, my husband bought me some flower seeds that until now I haven't planted yet. I have few packets in our garage just waiting for me when to roll-up my sleeves and do some planting. I guess I am just being lazy or shall I say due to lack of inspiration I can't find time to do it. But after seeing this video below, it inspires me to do something of those flower seeds.
Yes, I think I can try and discover if I am a green thumb person by doing The Gro Project, especially their Throw Down, which I think is fun, unique and uncomplicated. It is one of the fun garden projects by Miracle-Gro that really caught my interest. I thought this is something so neat to do and I am sure you would love to try it too, so let me share to you how this is being done.
And below you can read the step-by-step How To:
  • Mix equal parts potting mix, clay and seeds in your bucket.
  • Grab a handful then roll into a small ball, about ¾” in diameter. Add water as needed.
  • Place the balls on a tray and dry them in the sun for a few days.
  • Wrap them in cheesecloth to give away as gifts.
  • Throw down on the ground! Get them off to a good start by feeding them Miracle-Gro® Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food every three months.
I like this Gro project and I bet you would too. So if you need more inspirations and ideas for gardening follow Miracle-Gro on Pinterest. Please check their site too as they have an expansive library of videos and articles of different gardening tips for everyone as well as tools that can help solve different problems with gardening and finding the right products to have a great yield and healthy garden. I am a beginner when it comes to gardening and the experts at Miracle-Gro can surely help me in a big way.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Trend in Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems have become the latest upgrade for your home. They allow you to do the simplest things right from your car, whether it's turning on your security system, turning off the lights or just switching on the television from another room. HomeLink products from have the best quality for home automation. You can get universally compatible devices that work with vehicle power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries. 

The HomeLink Wireless Control System by Johnson Controls is one of the superior and most modern home automation devices on the market. You have full control with your HomeLink device right from your vehicle, whether you need to open your security gate, garage door, turn on exterior lights or interior lights as well as activating appliances and disarming security systems for easy entry. 

There are a variety of different HomeLink devices available for much cheaper prices than in store. With, you can buy HomeLinnk packages with wireless control in a variety of different colors. All of these products include a 1-year warranty and detailed instructions so you can easily get set up for the ultimate in home automation. You don't have to waste time any longer with traditional garage door openers and light switches. Just attach a HomeLink device to your car and you're done. Everything is easy to set up. Shop now for exclusive deals at

Importance of Regular Dental Check-Up

Growing up in my home country dental check up is not our priority as we don't have dental insurance and we are not used to having a regular dental care, like every 6 months cleaning. I remember, I really have bad teeth after my permanent teeth all came out. I experienced having cleaning when it was already bad that my parents decided to have it pulled out and then replaced with dentures in high school. 

That experience made me realized how we neglected taking care of our teeth and not visiting a dentist regularly. This is why with our kids now, we make sure that their teeth are well taken cared of. We have them scheduled every 6 months dental cleaning. Our eldest got my genes of having bad and unhealthy teeth even though she have that regular check since her 1st tooth came out. She have cavities in her molars and those were being filled. She still have 3 more that needs to be filled, which I still have to schedule soon.

The good thing is, our girls are not scared of the dentist. We don't have any problem when it is time for their dental check-up. They both are a trooper even when the eldest daughter had her filling procedure. Our youngest has excellent teeth right now, and at 3 years old she don't have any cavities at all. Teaching them at an early age the importance of cleaning the teeth after meal is a good practice to keep their teeth healthy. Their next schedule for cleaning is in October as they just had it done in April. 

Resistant Gun Safes for Safekeeping of Guns and Other Valuables

If you own guns, a fire resistant gun safe is a wise investment for several reasons. Gun safes keep your firearms safe from theft as well as fire. They are also a good place to safely store guns in homes with children. With a quality gun safe, you can leave home and travel knowing that your firearms are secure. You can find a good selection of fire resistant gun safes at This company has gun safes of many sizes and varieties. You will find wall safes, waterproof safes, pistol safes and more. 

These safes are not only good for storing guns, but also other valuables such as jewelry, gold and silver or anything else you want to safeguard. has some of the most advanced type of safes you will find anywhere. They have, for example, biometric safes that are opened with the touch of a finger. These are extremely secure safes that recognize your fingerprint, so there is no need to use keys or learn a combination. A fire resistant gun safe is something that all gun owners should consider owning. It can put your mind at rest with the knowledge that your guns are safe from theft and fire. can help you choose the best gun safe for your needs. You can reach them at their toll free number or place orders on their website.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finger Crush Injury

Have you experienced having your thumb caught in a car door? It just happened to me and oh boy it was so darn painful. I was in the garage ready to load the kids in the back seat. I opened the front passenger door to put first my bag and water bottle. When I close it, my left thumb was caught in it. I immediately checked if I got fractured by wriggling it. It left some discoloration on the tip of my digit and accumulation of blood under the nail. I applied ice right away and basically had an ice in a clear plastic wrapped around my thumb in a small washcloth while driving to prevent from swelling.  

I got so lucky my thumb wasn't smashed hard. No broken bones and the bruising wasn't that bad. So I don't have to seek any medical attention. I still have the dried blood though. Lesson learned - pay attention, avoid being careless when closing car doors or operating any doors to avoid your fingers from getting smashed. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Famous People that Loves Cigar | Cigar Aficionados

I can associate puffing cigar with west side story or those movies in South and Central American countries setting where cigars is known to be originated from. And accordingly this was first observed in the new world upon the arrival of Christopher Columbus. Now, the credit goes to the Spaniards for creating the cigar industry and as we know became a big industry. There are different brands of cigars and to name a few there's the hoyo de monterrey, montecrist, partagas, macanudo, ashton, CAO, and many others. 

Accordingly, the first European that smoke cigar was the lieutenant of Columbus during their exploration. But we now know that people of different nationalities smokes cigar. Some famous people of the 20th century I have read that loves cigar are Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Mark Twain, Fidel Castro, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Al Capone, Babe Ruth, and so many others. I guess you can say that smoking cigar also has affinity to status of certain individual in the society, and there are those that are really an avid cigar smoker that go a long way of checking out what is the best cigar in the world is. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Birthday Parties| Birthday Party Ideas

These past few weeks, starting in April actually, birthday party invitations are left and right. Like, really, no weekends that don't have any going on. Last weekend a friends' kid celebrated a birthday and invited us for the party. Then our eldest daughter had another invitation from her classmate who also had a celebration that day. Then Sunday after we attended another birthday at Jumping Jacks, a kiddie play and recreation center.

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, again, we attended another birthday party. The party was at 1 pm , so after church we proceeded to our friend's residence where the party was held. There were lots of food for sure and my friend rented a bounce house for the kids to play at the backyard. I think it is a great idea when there is a kid birthday party as they surely will enjoy jumping in it.

I haven't tried having our girls party in another place except our home. I thought that birthday idea is good, like having it place where they cater for the food as well as place to entertain kids. Some of it I knew here like Chuck E Cheese, Jumping Jacks, Charlie Safari, and others. It is less stress for preparation, convenient, and no cleaning up after. I think, maybe when the girls are a little older and bigger, we can invite few of their really close friends their age and have it somewhere fun for them. 

Next week, another invitation for our girls to attend. This time, the Mom chose something fun for them with a theme of Princess Tea Party. The establishment they contracted specializes on Princess theme parties. The girls will be pampered, play dress up, and will have a dance along with the big princesses' hosts of the party. It is a surprise for the girls that were invited and I am pretty sure it will be a blast for them. 

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Saving Your Silver Dimes

I am not a collector of rare coins. Although we have lots of coins in our girls' piggy bank, but those are for savings to be used or deposited in the bank for our kids savings accounts. Collecting coins in rare or valuable dates is a hobby to some people. They collect this for personal use, and others collect it as an investment. When the economy was slipping down, I've read about precious metals to be going strong. Gold buying was booming as well as silver coins.

About silver dimes, I often wonder how you can determine if your dime is among the rare ones, dating to years and years ago. I know there is a way of knowing it even though we are not experts. Accordingly, one should look into their mint marks, dates, the series and so on. It seems like this is very interesting. I will try to check online about how to determine if you have a rare coin and then check some of the dimes and other coins we have at home. Who knows I will be able to find a rare silver dime, which could be saved and use later on when it matures and its value is high. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Charity Begins at Home

"Charity begins at home." This quote has been used by many and even contested to whoever said it first or where it begins. Some said it is from the Bible, but others said there is no such thing being said in the Bible verbatim. I would say it may not be found in the Bible word for word, but the context or the message this quote is saying is biblical in nature. Charity is being taught by God. It is the love of God that we should also give to our family and to the people around us. Charity is how we share God's love not only within us, our family, but also to the humanity. 

As a family, we first provide for our family. We give them food to eat, home for shelter, and making sure the needs are being taken cared of. Most of all we show to them how we care for one another. This in turn will be practiced by our kids in their dealings with the society. They will emulate what the parents and members of the family is practicing. We can be charitable in many ways not only with money or material things. We can share and give our smile, affection, giving comfort, providing time to those who need it. Being selfless for the good of humanity, I would say, is the best act we can impart to others, and all these can be taught and started at home.

Anyways, this picture above was taken last week with our eldest holding the bag with shoes that she is giving to the shoe-drive for kids in Africa. Her school hosted this drive and she just reminded me about it on Wednesday. She chose 2 pairs of sneakers and I told her I can give my 2 pairs too as I haven't worn them anymore. She was very excited and I am very proud of her enthusiasm in helping others. Even at night, during prayer before she goes to sleep, she will mention that God bless all the children around the world.     

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