Friday, June 21, 2013

Importance of Regular Dental Check-Up

Growing up in my home country dental check up is not our priority as we don't have dental insurance and we are not used to having a regular dental care, like every 6 months cleaning. I remember, I really have bad teeth after my permanent teeth all came out. I experienced having cleaning when it was already bad that my parents decided to have it pulled out and then replaced with dentures in high school. 

That experience made me realized how we neglected taking care of our teeth and not visiting a dentist regularly. This is why with our kids now, we make sure that their teeth are well taken cared of. We have them scheduled every 6 months dental cleaning. Our eldest got my genes of having bad and unhealthy teeth even though she have that regular check since her 1st tooth came out. She have cavities in her molars and those were being filled. She still have 3 more that needs to be filled, which I still have to schedule soon.

The good thing is, our girls are not scared of the dentist. We don't have any problem when it is time for their dental check-up. They both are a trooper even when the eldest daughter had her filling procedure. Our youngest has excellent teeth right now, and at 3 years old she don't have any cavities at all. Teaching them at an early age the importance of cleaning the teeth after meal is a good practice to keep their teeth healthy. Their next schedule for cleaning is in October as they just had it done in April. 

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jheylo said...

Good job girls. I feel guilty because I have not taken my kids to the dental office after the first try. My son freaked out.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

brave girl. dental check up is indeed important especially for kids that doesn't like brushing or have the tendency to forgot to brush their teeth regularly. Back when i was a kid we already have dental services offered by del Monte but unfortunately the dentist weren't good enough to keep our teeth healthy and also we are surrounded with pineapples.

Rcel said...

Very true. We have had a very bad dental hygiene back in Philippines. I remember chewing on guava leaves for a cleaner teeth daw. I even remember using salt as a toothpaste because we ran out of Colgate nga Close-up. Lol.

I have a poor and unhealthy teeth as well. So does the husband. Even if we both are not into sweets, still, we lack proper dental care while growing up. That's why we have to provide that to our kids now that the access is available. Bahala magbayad ug extra sa dental insurance basta lang ma-save ang nga precious ipin for a more confident nga smile.

Your girls Bless are just like Triz. Very brave sa dentist! :)

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