Thursday, June 27, 2013

Park Tuesdays | Summer Activity

Being it's summer break already, I intended every Tuesdays, given a good weather, to be our park day. I am going to bring the kids to parks near us during this day. We started the other week. The weather was good and although it was cloudy but not windy so I brought the girls to the park in our neighborhood. This past Tuesday we were not able to because it was raining. Hopefully, this coming week our forecast temperature will be in the 80's so it is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. 

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Jessica Cassidy said...

Yay! for Tuesday the park day, that is very cool Mommy Bless :-) It is perfect for your girls to have fun at the park and perhaps meet new friends. We did not visit our park yet and hope soon :-)


Jessica Cassidy said...

Park is always the perfect place for the kids to meet new friends as well. You remind me Mommy Bless to bring the kids to the park too :-)

Mel Cole said...

Awww, look how happy they are to get outside. That's where we have been going out too. Parks are awesome here in us and it's free. :D

Rcel said...

Good for you, Bless! I can hardly schedule a day to head out to the park with my littles because Jon has summer classes from Monday to Thursday and every Friday is our errands day. Sa hapon ra jud mi makalugar ug lakwatsa and by then, kapoy na akong beauty ug laag-laag. Lol. Besides, our weather here is not reliable. One day it was in the upper 70s. So hot na kaayo sa akong mga gagmating. Mao ganing nagkasakit si Tiara tapos natakdan mi ni Triz. The next day nibalik na pud ug 60s. Moa ni summer sa among dapit! Makaluya! Lol.

emzkie said...

oi that is nice mommy bless at least naa pud outdoor activities ang mga girls every week. ako oi tamad. lol. init kaau sakit sa mata ang adlaw. lol

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