Monday, June 24, 2013

Ring Stix - My Prize from a Giveaway

I won this Ring Stix game set in one of the giveaways at My Daily Ramblings. I entered the giveaway because I thought this is a unique way playing and I am pretty sure the family can enjoy. So fortunate that I won one set and now I have it in my hand already. We haven't started playing it yet. I have 2 small kids and this is advisable for ages 10-100. Hopefully when the raining stops here in our neck of the woods then I can persuade the husband to play with me in our backyard. I know my girls would love to try this but I will see if it they can handle the running and catching part of this game and if it is really safe for them to play this. I found this information below about this Ring Stix.

RingStix Overview 

Fun outdoor game 
Takes 2 to 5 minutes to learn 
Recommended age 10 to 100 
A great game to get outside 
Have fun wherever you are 
Newest ring tossing and outdoor game 
Looks cool and enjoyed by many 
Works well in the wind 
Can be played anywhere 


Get outside and enjoy the exercise 
Socialize with family and friends 
Improves hand and eye coordination 
Easy to pick up without bending down 
More excitement by increased speed 
Add tricks and create games

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Anonymous said...

That would be a fun one to take to the beach.

Nicole A. said...

Hadn't heard of this before. Looks fun!

MikiHope said...

I think maybe you should wait to let your kids play with that--looks sharp to me and besides they could hurt the other person by accident! Better just play it with your husband!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Never heard of this one before.

becca said...

never heard of this game but sounds fun

Melinda Dunne said...

That looks like a fun game to play outside when it isn't windy.

April M. said...

oh that seems so cool and i think it's new. I haven't seen that before.

nova hedges said...

Very interesting workout gadget, still don't know exactly what it's look like when you use it.

jheylo said...

That is a very interesting game. It looks like a frisbee game. Congratulation for winning :)

emzkie said...

wow congrats mommy bless! sounds like a cool game. i wonder how can a 100 year old person handle this game. =D

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