Monday, July 1, 2013

Manufacturing and Industrial Job for my Husband

My husband is in the process of going through a retirement preparation. They have in the military what they call ACAP which prepares them for the civilian life. Going through courses in ACAP enables him to know more about different companies that hires veterans, going through classes and even registering to manufacturing classes and workshops for preparation if they wanted to have a career in manufacturing.

My husband went through an industrial manufacturing class/workshop. After the classroom instructions, they were toured to different manufacturing companies. One thing that caught his attention was the company that manufactures different industrial parts. They were showed the process of how those industrial parts being made and washing those parts using a very big industrial part washers.

He told me with fascination the things he saw at the manufacturing plant. He got interested how those big washers do a great job that he checked and researched those washers online. He found out that AEC Systems manufactures those big custom aqueous industrial washers. This company has been in the business for many decades and for sure they do have the experience in developing the best industrial part washers.

I am not sure though if my husband will continue to have a career path in manufacturing industry. But he said he won't mind working there and learn the job some more. He even encouraged me to attend the workshop next time with him as it also allows military dependents to register.

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Franc Ramon said...

I think a manufacturing job would be perfect for someone who loves routine and process and discipline like military men who lives by this lifestyle.

Mai Flores said...

That kind of job sounds really interesting. If you're hubby got all interested with those industrial washers, I'm sure you'll fancy learning about it as well.

Jhoveleen said...

Venturing manufacturing job seems an interesting journey specially if the person has a different field of career path previously.

ralph said...

good luck to your husband, i hope he chooses something he is interested with, though it's just a bonus when it comes with work. Yahweh bless.

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