Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Fair and Carnival

During summer there will be lots of fun for the kids to do. Good thing is that the community also have different programs that caters to children. Although some of them you have to pay for the program but some, like water park, playground parks, and other outdoor and nature trails are good for the family to enjoy. Last month there was a mini carnival in our area and we brought the kids there. They were very much happy and enjoyed the rides especially our eldest daughter. But sad to say our little girl, who is not tall enough, did not enjoy and was crying every time she can't ride. 

Our eldest was very brave in trying out this giant slide. I and hubby were scared for her, but she just said and even assured us that she will be fine. When it comes to this she is determined, but if she sees little insects, ants or anything that crawls she will really freak out. 

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Mel Cole said...

omg, that looks fun! nice to see kids enjoying the rides :D

jheylo said...

That's fun :D we had ours too a few weeks ago. We do have carnival once in awhile in our neighboring park but the county fair is held once a year only, it's one of the huge event here in San Diego during month of May-June. That slide is scary I tried it before and I almost flip backwards lol.

Rcel said...

Lol. Of course, slides and other fun rides are a lot exciting that crawling thingies, mama! Hahaha. Those look like a great place for kids! I am planning to hit the country fair, too, here, for Triz to have her share of those carnival rides. :D

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