Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maintaining and Caring for Your Lawn

We have a nice space in our backyard and now that it's summer we water it every other day. But honestly it is really hard to maintain a lawn and making the grass looking so green and healthy. It is our homeowners association to maintain a clean backyard and if your lawn grasses are dead or not maintaining it you have to be fined. So some of the homeowners contacted lawn management services to maintain and care for their lawns, especially those that are busy and not always in their house. 

One landscape management that I hear and has good reputation is Procare landscape management. They do landscaping, lawn care and maintenance. The company is located in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area and offers a year-round services. They even do snow removal and ice management equipment. Other core services they do is irrigation and tree removal services. I read many testimonials that they really do a great job. 

I am looking of the same services here in our area if our backyard will not return to its healthy condition. The weather is always hot with temperatures in the high 70s. Definitely its making the grass brown. Professional help is needed as I don't really have idea or capacity to take out the old grass and place a new one. I hope I will be able to find something like Procare, that would be great.

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