Monday, September 9, 2013

Bike Riding without Training Wheels

This past summer I was planning of teaching our 6-year-old to ride her bike without training wheels. She said that she wanted to learn to ride without training wheels so she can go bike riding too with the neighborhood kids. Sad to say, I did not persevere in teaching her. 

On the good side, my husband came to the rescue and taught her diligently for 2 days on how to balance and focus on the road. Our daughter is very perfectionist. She wanted to learn right away. It frustrates her when she can't balance or pedal good and fall. Hubby told her that it is okay to fall as she is still learning. 

After 2 days of arduously having her to ride her bike around the block this past week, she is now able to ride her bike without training wheels. The 2nd day they were outside for almost 4 hours. The persistence of our little girl to learn and the patience of her father made it possible for her to reach this milestone and I am so proud of her. My husband then told me when they both got in the house, that he felt good teaching me how to drive and was successful and then he also taught her daughter to ride a bike with no training wheels. 

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