Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday Party at Children's Hands On Museum

Yesterday we attended again another birthday of a friend's son at Children's Hands On Museum. This place is now popular among my friends to held birthday party for kids. One thing I don't like is you only have 1-1/2 hour to use the room and then you have to vacate it. So what our friends did during their kids' party, as soon as guests arrive the food is serve right away. Then followed by blowing of candles and opening of gifts. The kids can then go to wherever they want inside the museum, play, do some arts, and other exciting stuff. 

The kids are just busy bodies when inside this museum. They don't know what to do first as they wanted to try all things. It really keeps them busy while having so much fun. I am thinking of getting a year pass for next year. Winter time will be impossible to be outdoors all the time coz of the cold weather so an indoor activity like this in a museum will be good for the kids then. 

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