Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Need A New Haircut

It's been a while since I went to the salon and had my hair cut. I wish I can do it by myself without messing it up and I will surely do it. I am thinking of going to the salon I frequent and have a new style. I wish I have a straight hair so it will be easy for me to style or comb it. My hair is wavy and if I want it straight I need to iron it which I find it a bit taxing, that is physically. I am lazy when it comes to it. 

Not only me though that needs a new hair cut but our girls too. Our eldest only had once ever since. When she turned 4 I brought her to the salon. Our youngest who is already 3 years old haven't had haircut yet. So I am thinking maybe next month we will go all to the salon and have our hair done. My girls would surely be thrilled having it done at the salon. My girls have curly hair and they asked me when can they have straight hair. I told them they have genes for curly hair and unless we can straighten it with iron or chemicals then it could but it will be many years from now. They both groan and said that's too long :-) Anyways, it will be a girls day out come next month for all three of us then. 

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