Sunday, September 15, 2013

K-Drama | Full House

These past few weeks I've been hooked in watching different Korean drama. I think I am about 20 dramas and not even a month yet. This is what gets me since I am just staying at home and nothing to do. Blogging is not that busy too so I have more time in hand to watch K-dramas. I like most those romantic comedy that they have. I've watched some even those that are 5 or 9 years ago.

Right now I am watching Full House, which was released in 2004, starred Song Hye Gyo and Rain [Bi]. I've seen another drama of Song Hye Gyo - That Winter The Wind Blows- and I like her. The plot is good but the development of the story is kinda slow. Here's a synopsis of this drama that I got from

Han Ji Eun [Song Hye Gyo] is a naive script writer who lives alone, until she gets swindled by her best friends into thinking she's won an all-inclusive trip to China. Once she's gone, they sell off her house for their own personal gain. On the plane, she meets Lee Young Jae [Bi], a hotshot actor in Korea. Once she realizes she is stuck in China with no friends or money, she is forced to go to Lee Young Jae for help getting a ticket back home, though when she finally gets back to Korea she finds that she has no home to return to. In a bizarre twist of fate, it turns out her old house is now in the hands of the man she met on the plane, and he's on the brink of proposing marriage to his best friend Kang Hye Won, but a media frenzy causes Young Jae to pretend he is with Ji Eun. Now Ji Eun can get her home back—if she promises to marry Young Jae for a year! Their professional relationship starts becoming personal when Young Jae finds himself caring more and more for the charming girl who always stays cheerful despite her many hardships.

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