Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Little Fashionista

Little girls are really fun to dress up with. I am glad our girls love it as well. Since our 3 years old is going to school also, she gets to prepare twice a week for school. She gets excited and love to pick her own clothes to wear. Right now she is obsessed with wearing skirt that flares. Good thing her sister's small clothes now fits her so I don't have to buy more for her. Below orange outfit are all hand-me-downs from big sister. She said she feels like a fashionista. She loves to pose and love to see her having a great time doing so. 

Yesterday she went to school too and even woke up early to have her bath and then changed. Her school days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and when she don't go to school she will be fussy at home asking me to go to her school. I am glad that at this time she loves school that much and so eager to learn. I hope and pray she'll stay that way. She have the yellow motif yesterday and uses her big headband/fascinator that I got early this year from Target for $1. 

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